Heterodox Academy has a range of unique and informative- as well as transformative- resources that we offer, for free, to our audience. They are outlined below and linked to their specific pages so you can learn more. We encourage you to share this page with your network and let us know how you are using these tools on campus or otherwise.

guidetocolleges_logoHeterodox Academy Guide to Colleges

The Heterodox Academy Guide to Colleges is a new, free and unique guide that outlines and ranks the top 150 national universities listed in the US News and World Reports according to their commitment to viewpoint diversity and promotion of free speech on campus.

Not just for prospective college students looking to identify schools that do not punish dissent and encourage heterodoxy, as opposed to orthodoxy, our guide to colleges contains all the information we can find that will help you make an educated guess about the likelihood that any particular school will expose you to a variety of viewpoints on politically controversial topics.

Visit the Heterodox Academy Guide to Colleges >>

Viewpoint Diversity Experience

Our Viewpoint Diversity Experience helps colleges (and other organizations) prepare new members to engage with each other in ways likely to minimize conflict and maximize learning.

The VDE is a six-step journey using curated research and resources to help people understand the nature of moralistic conflicts and biases, and then to step out of their own “moral matrix” and appreciate the fact that other people live in different matrices.

Explore this new resource and see the videos, books, research, and articles to help gain perspective and understand those with whom you disagree politically >>

Heterodox University

hxu_logoA grassroots initiative designed to empower students to advocate, and put forth a resolution in their student government, to declare their school a “Heterodox University.”

We provide sample text for such a resolution, with the ability to modify content for the user’s specific university, focused on the following points:

  1. Adopt the Chicago Principles on Freedom of Expression
  2. Implement a non-obstruction policy for protests
  3. Improve Viewpoint Diversity

Explore the full resolution text and learn how you can shape the culture at your school >>

hxaplacemat_finalHeterodox Holiday Placemat

The Heterodox Holiday Placemat is the only free, downloadable resource dedicated to advancing discussions on viewpoint diversity and safety culture on campus around the dining table.

Created to help empower people to understand perspectives of those with whom they disagree politically, we invite you to envision an occasion where people like Gloria Steinem, Ronald Reagan, Milton Friedman, John Stuart Mill, Martin Luther King and Karl Marx and other historical figures come together to do more than break bread- they break through their differences. The same can happen at your table.

Download our holiday placemat to use this holiday season >>

backpack1College Care Pack

Do you have any friends or family members who are just starting college this fall? If so, then consider sending them a link to Heterodox Academy’s “College Care Pack” featuring quotes, videos, articles and links to action items in support of viewpoint diversity.

Bringing the right attitude — including a spirit of curiosity about other perspectives, and humility about one’s own knowledge — will help promote viewpoint diversity and enable students to get the most out of college.

See the college care pack online and share the link with students you know >>

hxa_badgefileprintjpgViewpoint Diversity Badge

Show your support for viewpoint diversity by downloading our Viewpoint Diversity Support Badge. Areas for possible posting:

  • Office doors
  • Social media
  • Cubicles
  • Meeting / Break rooms
  • Download a print version [PDF] [JPG]
  • Download a version for social media [JPG]


Many articles have been published in recent years that explain why ideological homogeneity is bad for science, and exploring possible remedies. On this page-formerly called “Readings”- we list the ones that we think are most helpful or most important. We focus on academic books and articles, but include several from mainstream press, alongside critiques of heterodoxy and relevant quotes.

Explore this comprehensive list of readings >>

Many more resources are forthcoming. We urge you to check back often and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.