Fearless Speech Index

What is the speech climate at your school?

Everyone wants an open environment in universities where people can express political opinions without the fear of censorship, either indirectly self-inflicted or directly via their peers. No matter if you are in a classroom of 12 or on a campus of 40,000, learning the degree to which students, classmates, and colleagues feel comfortable airing viewpoints that challenge the majority is an important aspect of encouraging debate and discussion while simultaneously ensuring a meaningful and engaging educational experience for all.

To that end, Heterodox Academy is proud to present our new Fearless Speech Index (FSI) an indispensable tool for students, teachers, or administrators who want to know whether their school has a speech climate of fear or of openness.

Intended as an aid to those who truly want to improve the quality of discussion, and intended to make it easier for anyone to do empirical research on interventions designed to reduce fear and improve the quality and inclusiveness of discussions, we believe that once teachers, administrators, and parents see the scope of the problem, they will be more likely to take action.

To take the FSI please create a free account at YourMorals.org.  Once you have registered you can CLICK HERE. The link to the Fearless Speech Index can be found as the last survey listed under the Everyday Behavior category (see screenshot below):