At Princeton University, professors Robert P. George and Cornel West published the statement “Truth Seeking, Democracy, and Freedom of Expression.” Of the 364 current signatories, a majority are American professors, and the roster includes Roger Scruton, Sir Angus Deaton, Peter Singer, and Mary Ann Glendon.

Professor Allison Stanger, who invited Charles Murray to Middlebury, published her reflections on the angry mob at Middlebury.

Frank Bruni, who appeared alongside Jon Haidt on the Charlie Rose Show last week, published an op-ed on the “dangerous safety of college” highlighting Heterodox Academy, which also comments on the events at Middlebury.

From Heterodox Academy:

Heterodox Academy congratulates Northwestern University, home of Laura Kipnis and former home of Alice Dreger, where the student government passed a series of resolutions in favor of viewpoint diversity and freedom from censorship.

We also published a piece on our quickly expanding membership, motivated by recent media coverage and a growing awareness of issues around viewpoint diversity.