Sam Abrams, one of our members, has an article in The American Interest about ideological homogeneity on campuses threatens the ideals of liberal education.

Stanley Fish argues that free speech is not an academic value, in line with his previous book on the topic. Heterodox Academy members Glen Geher has a response.

Yale released a set of activism and advocacy guidelines, addressing previous questions about whether Yale affiliates are bound by rules when they make political statements. These guidelines aim at clarifying existing policies.

Alumni of Queen’s University in Canada are pushing for Queen’s to pass a set of free speech principles as a response to the lack of viewpoint diversity on campus.

Flemming Rose considers how extremism is fostered by ideological self-segregation on both the left and right.

Jonathan Haidt was interviewed by the associate book editor of the Wall Street Journal, Bari Weiss, to discuss Heterodox Academy and the new religion of campus activism. You can see a vdeo with Weiss here, and the full interview will be published tomorrow.