Was the content of Charles Murray’s speech controversial? Social psychologists Wendy Williams and Stephen Ceci (at Cornell) conducted an anonymized audit study of Murray’s speech with 70 college professors and found it was rated “middle of the road” rather than liberal or conservative.

Law professor and HxA (Heterodox Academy) member Jonathan Adler argues that law students would better understand originalism if there were more ideological diversity in legal academia. At The Volokh Conspiracy, Adler also summarized a new empirical analysis of ideological uniformity in the legal academy.

At The Boston Globe, Michael Levenson covers a controversial editorial in the Wellesley College student newspaper, which argues that “hate speech” is not a protected form of speech, and that hostility against opponents is sometimes acceptable. There’s more coverage at Bloomberg.

In related news, Iowa State University sponsored a presentation on free speech by Natasha Oren, officer and multicultural liaison for the Iowa State Police Department. Oren explained that hate speech and criminal speech are distinct; hate speech is a protected form of speech, whereas criminal speech is not.

In New Zealand, 27 public intellectuals signed an open letter about the threat that political correctness poses to freedom of speech at universities and elsewhere.

On our blog we published Intersectionality Is a Political Football; Here’s Why It Doesn’t Have to Be by Chris Martin, and Why Cultivating Passion on Campus is at Odds With Cultivating the Mind, which summarizes an essay by HxA member Flagg Taylor.

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