Heterodox Academy’s Communications Director Jeremy Willinger writes an op-ed in The Washington Examiner exploring what would happen if Harvard and Liberty University swapped commencement speakers. From the essay:

The all-too-predictable roles that will be played by Trump at Liberty and Zuckerberg at Harvard – to say nothing of the words they will likely offer – is tragically demonstrative of the lack of viewpoint diversity that risks limiting American academia to specific perspectives. There is nothing Trump will say to Liberty University students or Zuckerberg to Harvard that the students haven’t heard before on campus, nothing that will offer a different social or political perspective, or challenge their worldview.

The introduction of viewpoint diversity to campus does not require faculty members and students to accept ideas and beliefs different than their own. But it does mean respecting the fact that others might have competing ideas and beliefs. This understanding is what we need to build on, instead of the idea that the other side is to blame for all current ills.

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