Are students aware that viewpoint diversity is, in fact, a diversity issue? Melissa Holzberg of George Washington University, writes about how she discovered this fact through her work as a newspaper editor in Everyone Should Learn to Think Like Opinion Journalists.

How comfortable are students when it comes to having a roommate with a different ideology? This question was posed to 432 Dartmouth students, and 49% of respondents said they’d be somewhat or very comfortable. However, self-identified Republican students were more open to this arrangement than Democratic students, possibly due to having more experience with this situation.

In New York Magazine, Jesse Singal presents a case of political suppression at Fordham University to illustrate why liberals should fight for free speech. Conor Friedersdorf makes a similar case in The Atlantic, drawing on his experience as an undergraduate at Claremont McKenna College.

In Intimidation is the New Normal on Campus, HxA founder Jonathan Haidt argues that 2017 is a critical year for American colleges.

Our communications director Jeremy Willinger has an op-ed in The Washington Examiner about a hypothetical swap between the commencement speakers at Harvard University and Liberty University.

I Don’t Want to Back Down is about Zachary Wood, an African-American student at Williams College who led Uncomfortable Learning, a student group that promotes intellectual diversity. We featured an interview with him in a previous weekly roundup.

In Crucible of the Application Process, Dillon Bowen describes how he developed an interest in charitable work from a sense of common humanity, but was pressured, while preparing scholarship applications, to reframe his argument using identity politics.

Earlier this year, an Iowa legislator submitted a bill to legally penalize universities that lacked viewpoint diversity. We criticized that bill, and it failed to make it to the floor of the Iowa Senate.

On our blog, we published Ideological Homophily in the Fourth Estate by HxA staff member Musa Al-Gharbi, and Hard Sciences and Viewpoint Diversity by HxA member Matthew Oliver.

We also published a response by HxA exec April Kelly-Woessner to a New York Times piece advocating campus censorship.

Finally, we noted that Jonathan Haidt received a 2017 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award for his political psychology research and co-founding of Heterodox Academy.