We are opening membership to all professors with a Ph.D. (or equivalent) and a permanent college or university appointment, post-docs, and graduate students in three days, on Monday, May 8!

We launched the Viewpoint Diversity Experience to help instructors and professors foster political tolerance at colleges and universities. Here’s a blog post by Jonathan Haidt and Caroline Mehl explaining why we created it.

In Six Ways to Create an Empowering Environment, HxA member and management professor Rajshree Agarwal (Univ. of Maryland) suggests some ways to defuse negative partisanship.

Yet again, the percentage of first year students who are political moderates has shrunk compared to the previous year. The between-gender ideology gap is also at its highest since 1966, with 41% of women and 29% of men identifying as liberal or far left.

Jesse Singal wrote in New York Magazine about the modern day witchhunt against Rhodes College philosophy professor Rebecca Tuvel.

HxA member John McWhorter (Columbia University) wrote about the new form of campus protest

On our blog, Sean Stevens added a synopsis of research on the legal academy’s ideological uniformity, which contrasts the ideological makeup of law schools and law firms.