On Monday, we opened membership to doctoral students, post-docs, and adjunct professors.

Middlebury College announced last month that it had disciplined over 30 students for their behavior at the Charles Murray talk. This week the college disciplined 11 more students. Although details are fuzzy, at least one student was placed on probation.

Thomas Fuller of the New York Times interviewed five conservative students about political life at Berkeley.

Several articles addressed the backlash to Rebecca Tuvel’s Hypatia article comparing transracial and transgender individuals. Suzanna Walters, the editor of a similar journal, Signs, read the full Tuvel article and evaluated the backlash. HxA contributor Mene Ukueberuwa also blogged about the Tuvel article here.

At the Stanford undergraduate student senate, student Hamzeh Daoud ’20 proposed the creation of senator-monitored “brave spaces” for conversations about contentious political issues.

A comprehensive campus free speech bill was signed into law in the state of Tennessee. Among other things, it requires institutions to adopt policies consistent with the University of Chicago’s Free Speech Policy Statement.

Brandon Van Dyck wrote, at the HxA blog, about the Mill series at Lafayette College, which sponsors panel discussions and talks involving presentations by people who are not on the political left. Van Dyck is assistant professor of government and law at Lafayette.

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