Drawing on our college rankings of viewpoint diversity, Sam Abrams wrote about the tendency of New England colleges and universities to have the highest concentration of low-ranked schools.

In 2013, the University of Colorado at Boulder has a Visiting Scholar of Conservative Thought and Policy. Francis Beckwith held this position in 2016-17 and reflects on his experience here.

In On Second Thought, NPR’s Planet Money reported on people who have changed their mind about political issues on the basis of new evidence. It includes an interview with a health economist at Harvard who changed her mind on the economics of ER visits thanks to her own research.

In The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf summarized John McWhorter’s critique of campus politics, which includes commentary on safe spaces, the terms “White privilege,” the low prevalence of racism on campuses, and solutions to the problem of political intolerance.

Jacques Berlinerblau, author of Campus Confidential: How College Works, Or Doesn’t for Professors, Parents, and Students, argues that people mistakenly blame campus liberals rather than the radical left for the politicization of the academy.

The latest Half Hour of Heterodoxy features my interview with political scientist Matt Grossmann (@MattGrossmann) about his new book Asymmetric Politics: Ideological Republicans and Group Interest Democrats, which he co-authored with David A. Hopkins.

Jeremy Willinger published an article on the Heterodox Academy Guide to Colleges at the website of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA).

Ethnic tolerance does not equal political tolerance is a synopsis by Sean Stevens of new research on differentiating types of tolerance. Sean is Heterodox Academy’s research director.

Lastly, here is a breakdown by ideology of our membership as of July 5.

Breakdown of membership by ideology