It’s disadvantaged groups that suffer most when free speech is curtailed on campus, argue HxA’s Musa Al-Gharbi and Jonathan Haidt in The Atlantic.

Also at The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf writes about an undergraduate science major who is using college as an opportunity to listen to other people rather than teach them how to be morally good.

On episode 7 of Half Hour of Heterodoxy, I interviewed HxA founding member Lee Jussim about politically biased research, focusing on his own research on whether stereotypes are actually inaccurate. We also launched a page for this interview series, with all of the featured episodes in one place.

Lee’s latest blog post at Rabble Rouser argues that presenters at a recent conference on gender bias in academia had surprisingly little evidence of actual gender bias.

The Chronicle of Higher Education published an article on why most Republican voters think colleges are bad for the country, and an opinion piece arguing that social-media outrage against liberal professors is founded on a misunderstanding of academic discourse.

HxA member Preston Stovall published Why Call for Heterodoxy in the Academy in response to John Holbo, who argued on Crooked Timber that Heterodoxy Academy’s philosophy is not coherent. John Holbo responded to Stovall—see both the post and the comments.