Psychologist and emotion researcher Lisa Feldman Barrett distinguishes between provocateurs who are part of a consistent campaign of bullying, and controversial researchers whose ideas are offensive. She argues that only the former are violent.

In a response to Barrett, Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff argue that it’s a bad idea to tell students that any kind of speech is violence.

Social psychologist Mark Leary describes the association between polarization and extreme confidence in the rightness of one’s views.

In Professors in the Political Cross Hairs, The Chronicle of Higher Education features 10 articles about internet outrage against academics. Of these 10 articles, two are new articles about Texas A&M philosopher Tommy Curry—the first (paywalled) article covers Curry himself, and the second has an interactive table showing news stories about Curry in partisan and nonpartisan media.

Claremont McKenna College suspended five students who led the attempt to shut down a lecture by Heather Mac Donald. As a result, we raised its score in our Guide to Colleges. At National Review, Elliot Kaufman proposes that more schools follow their example.

Evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller makes the neurodiversity case for free speech, arguing that speech codes stigmatize the most unconventional people.

Applications for faculty presentation at the 2017 FIRE faculty conference (Oct. 5-7) are now available. This is the first FIRE conference exclusively for university faculty, and it convenes in Dallas.

University of Chicago cultural anthropologist Richard Shweder will speak on “Viewpoint Diversity and the End of the Modern University” at the Chilmark Public Library in Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday, August 2.

On our blog, we published Psychological Harm and Free Speech on Campus by Andrew Cohen and Blinded with ‘Science’ by John Staddon. James Anderson reviewed Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus by Laura Kipnis. Sean Stevens also wrote about our Fearless Speech Index and Jeremy Willinger wrote about our membership surpassing 1,000.