Jeremy Willinger is HxA’s Communications Director

In June, Heterodox Academy released their updated Guide to Colleges, the only resource that analyzes and scores the level of viewpoint diversity likely to be found at America’s top universities and liberal arts colleges.

While prospective students can use the Guide to Colleges to see where they may be most likely to encounter a variety viewpoints, college administrators are beginning to see the Guide as a barometer for the climate of intellectual diversity on their campus. In recent months, Heterodox Academy has spoken with several leaders at a range of schools to understand their strategies and highlight our Guide. In some instances, we have reconsidered rankings after learning about additional efforts made to facilitate and secure programs and platforms promoting viewpoint diversity.

  • At UC Berkeley, we worked with their Chancellors office to contextualize efforts around their September Free Speech Week and clarified stories around their preventative measures at events featuring previously contentious speakers.
  • At Claremont McKenna, Heterodox Academy worked with their Public Affairs team to publicize the scoring of the Claremont group of colleges to their trustees, alumni and current students.

Heterodox Academy alerts schools when their scores are updated and promotes their initiatives on our social platforms. We have a vested interest in recognizing programs and policies that help diversify viewpoints and mitigate orthodoxy on campus and are happy to receive information on schools that we may have missed.

The next update to our Guide to Colleges, scheduled for December/January, will include additional details about veteran and foreign students, among others, to spotlight populations that, based on experience, present differing viewpoints.

We will continue to update the guide as stories become available and work with other administrators to acknowledge positive steps towards creating a more open climate towards viewpoint diversity on campus.

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