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Non-Discrimination Statements at the Institution Level & What to Do About It by Sean Stevens and Debra Mashek

Hiring in Higher Ed: Do Job Ads Signal a Desire for Viewpoint Diversity by Debra Mashek and Sean Stevens

Stigmatizing Legitimate Dissent Threats Freedom of Speech by Lee Jussim and Akeela Careem

Lindsay Shepherd and the Potential for Heterodoxy at Wilfrid Laurier University by Raffi GRinberg

Faculty Responsibility for On-Campus Policy Debates with Diverse Viewpoints by George La Noue

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Free Speech, Personified by Yale University president Peter Salovey, New York Times

The Death of Scholarship by Warren Treadgold*, Commentary

Do Ideologically Driven Scientific Agendas Impede the Understanding and Acceptance of Evolutionary Principles in Social Psychology by William von Hippel* and David M. Buss*, from the edited volume, The Politics of Social Psychology

A Letter to Conservatives: You Need College and College Definitely Needs You by Clay Routledge*, The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal

Education is Related to Greater Ideological Prejudice by P. J. Henry and Jaime L. Napier, Public Opinion Quarterly

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