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2017 End of Year Letter from Jonathan Haidt

Research summary: The Wisdom of Polarized Crowds by Sean Stevens, HxA Research Director

The Campus Expression Survey: Summary of New Data by Sean Stevens, HxA Research Director

Essential Reading: Richard Shweder on the End of the Modern Academy by Jonathan Haidt

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Toward a More Self-Correcting Psychological Science by Lee Jussim*, Rabble Rouser (Psychology Today)

Biology and Culture: A Conversation with Bret Weinstein, Waking Up with Sam Harris (Podcast)

How Activists Took Control of a University: The Case Study of Evergreen State by Uri Harris, Quillette

Pushing back against the conservative caricature of higher education, Letters to the Editor in response to Elitists, crybabies and junky degrees: A Trump supporter explains rising conservative anger at American universities, Washington Post

Many Students Embrace Viewpoint Diversity. Why Won’t Colleges? by Sam Abrams*

10 Revealing Remarks about Education in 2017 by Isabel Fattal, The Atlantic

Free Speech on Campus Audit 2017An annual report by the Institute of Public Affairs (Australia)


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