HxA partners with AFA and FIRE to call for institutional neutrality.

College trustees: put truth-seeking above politicized institutional statements.

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We advance the principles of open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement to improve higher education and academic research.

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HxA facilitates various online and in-person communities to connect members and other supporters who advocate for open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement. We have dozens of Campus Communities on individual campuses around the globe, as well as HxCommunities which bring together members of specific disciplines, regions, and other academic settings.

With the generous support of Schmidt Futures, Heterodox Academy (HxA) is pleased to solicit grant proposals from its members as part of its Open Inquiry in STEM Disciplines Grant Program.

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Join hundreds of HxA members and supporters in Chicago June 6 - 8, 2024! Our annual conference promises to be an exceptional intellectual event, filled with networking, research, workshops, and exciting speakers.

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