Heterodox Academy Graduate Student Affiliate members are all PhD students who have endorsed this statement:

“I believe that university life requires that people with diverse viewpoints and perspectives encounter each other in an environment where they feel free to speak up and challenge each other. I am concerned that many academic fields and universities currently lack sufficient viewpoint diversity—particularly political diversity. I will support viewpoint diversity in my academic field, my university, my department, and my classroom.”

Browse a list of our Affiliate members below. Click here to view our tenured, tenure-track, adjunct and post-doc membership.


NameSchoolDepartmentSelected Publications
Albert, MandyCornell UniversityMedieval Studies
Allen, JonathanUniversity of MarylandHistory
Bamber, MaryXaiver UniversityProfessional Sciences
Barbaro, NicoleOakland UniversityPsychology
Bartley, ScottPrinceton UniversityEnglish
Blankinship, KevinUniversity of ChicagoNear Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Bozzi, AaronHarvard UniversityMolecular and Cellular Biology
Breslin, MikeOklahoma State UniversityEducation
Bristol, JeffreyBoston UniversityAnthropology
Brown, MitchUniversity of Southern MississippiPsychology
Buckley, MatthewStanford UniversityGenetics
Butcher, BrandonUniversity of IowaBiostatistics
Caldwell Mulesky, SuzieUniversity of Southern CaliforniaPolitical Science and International Relations
Caleiro, DiegoUniversity of California - BerkeleyAnthropology
Chang, OscarColumbia UniversityComputer Science
Chernikova, MarinaUniversity of MarylandPsychology
Cheung, JeffreyUniversity of TorontoInstitute of Medical Science
Chipkin, LoganUniversity of HoustonBiology and Biochemistry
Chu, MarkColumbia UniversityWriting
Cintra, MaryIndiana UniversitySpanish & Portuguese
Clay, SummerClaremont Graduate UniversityPsychology
Clark, JordanUniversity of Nevada - RenoPsychology
Cogliati, AndreaUniversity of RochesterElectrical and Computer Engineering
Craze, GarethCase Western Reserve UniversityOrganizational Behavior
Crumbo, DanielUniversity of ArizonaEnglish
Dahlgren, PeterUniversity of GothenburgJournalism, Media, and Communication
Diede, NathanielWashington University in St. LouisPsychology
Don-Seimion, TheaLondon School of Economics (United Kingdom)Economics
Duehr, JamesMount Sinai School of MedicineMicrobiology
Durney, MichaelCornell UniversityAccounting
Finn, BrandonHarvard UniversityUrban Planning
Firester, DavidCity University of New York - Graduate CenterPolitical ScienceLiberal Academia and My Struggle
Fox, NickRutgers University - New BrunswickPsychology
Frohlich, JoelUniversity of California - Los AngelesPsychiatry and Behavioral Science
Fuentes, FedericoUniversity of Texas - AustinInstitute for Computational Engineering and Sciences
Garcia, GisselleUniversity of ChicagoCommittee on Evolutionary Biology
Geilfuss, RobertNew York UniversityFine Arts
Gibbons, AdamRutgers University - New BrunswickPhilosophy
Gray, KennethUniversity of New HavenCriminal Justice
Green, PaulHarvard UniversityManagement
Greene, DanielStanford UniversityEducation
Gross, JedYale UniversityHistory
Grover, TedUniversity of California - IrvineInformatics
Gullotta, DanielStanford UniversityReligious Studies
Harris, PatrickRutgers University - New BrunswickHistory
Hedges, SamanthaIndiana UniversityEducational Leadership and Policy Studies
Honeycutt, NathanRutgers University - New BrunswickPsychologyThe liberal and conservative experience across academic disciplines: An extension of Inbar and Lammers
Political intolerance among university faculty highlights need for viewpoint diversity
More polarized but more Independent: Political party identification and political views among U.S. adults and late adolescents, 1970-2014
Huddleston, R. JosephUniversity of Southern CaliforniaPolitical Science and International Relations
Jennings, ElizabethCalifornia Institute of Integral StudiesPhilosophy and Religion
Kaveh, ShahinUniversity of PittsburghHistory and Philosophy of ScienceLiberals and Conservatives Are Both Wrong About Global Warming
Kavish, NicholasSam Houston State UniversityPsychology
Klein, Wilhelm E.J.City University of Hong KongCreative Media
Koehn, MonicaWestern Sydney UniversityPsychology
Kotilar, DylanHarvard UniversitySystems Biology
Krasny, EricBangor UniversityPhilosophy and Religion
Kruczek, GregoryVirginia Tech UniversityGovernment and International Affairs
LaRose, ChristinaUniversity of MichiganEnglish; Women's Studies
Leckelt, MariusUniversity of MunsterPsychology
Lepovic, ElanPalo Alto UniversityPsychology
Lo, SharonMichigan State UniversityPsychology
Loiotile, RitaJohns Hopkins UniversityPsychological and Brain Sciences
Maitra, SumantraUniversity of Nottingham (United Kingdom)Politics and International RelationsA Summer Night, London, 2017
Marder, IanUniversity of Leeds (United Kingdom)Law
Markson Hartz, AndrewLong Island UniversityPsychology
Mata Villafuerte, HectorUniversity of GuadalajaraPhysics
McAuliffe, WilliamUniversity of MiamiPsychology
Menghwani, VikasUniversity of British ColumbiaInstitute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability
Michalak, NicholasUniversity of MichiganPsychology
Michaux, AaronPurdue UniversityElectrical and Computer Engineering
Milzman, JesseUniversity of MarylandMathematics
Morrison, BradfordUniversity of British ColumbiaPsychology
Moshikaro, KhomotsoUniversity of Cape Town (South Africa)Private Law
Niro, NatashaUniversity of KentuckyGerontology
Olson, BrianCity University of New York - Graduate CenterBiochemistry
Ozair, SherjilUniversity of Montreal (Canada)Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms
Palmese, MichaelLouisiana State UniversityMusicology
Porter, LaurenUniversity of Canterbury (United Kingdom)Social Work
Reading, MirandaKing's College London (United Kingdom)History
Richardson, ThomasUniversity of Manchester (United Kingdom)Earth and Environmental Science
Richert, AlexPennsylvania State UniversityAstronomy and Astrophysics
Rieley, ShaunThe Catholic University of AmericaPolitics
Rodger, DanielLondon South Bank University (United Kingdom)Allied Health Sciences
Rose, DavidDurham University (United Kingdom)Government; International Relations
Rossier, TedUniversity of GeorgiaPolitical Science
Sawaya, NicholasHarvard UniversityChemistry and Chemical Biology
Schmidt, LennardLeipzig Graduate School of ManagementMulti-Channel and Retail Management
Schneider, KlausUniversity of ArizonaComputer Science
Schoellhammer, RalphUniversity of KentuckyPolitical ScienceBefore Participation: Emotions and Politics
Semenyna, ScottUniversity of Lethbridge (Canada)Psychology
Shiver, JoshuaAuburn UniversityHistory
Simmons, JonathanUniversity of AlbertaSociology
Sløk-Madsen, Stefan K.Copenhagan Business School (Sweeden)Innovation and Organizational Economics/Maritime
Spezza, GianlucaUniversity of Central LancashireInternational Institute of Korean Studies
Stern, BrendanThe Catholic University of AmericaPolitics
Stieb, JosephUniversity of North CarolinaHistory
Stoupe, DamianUniversity of Bristol (United Kingdom)Education
Svoboda, RyanNorthwestern UniversityEducation and Social Policy
Tansey, MatthewUniversity of RochesterCounseling and Human Development
Tharp, DerekKansas State UniversityPersonal Financial Planning
Theodosiadis, MichaelGoldsmiths College (UK)Politics and International Relations
Thierfelder, PhilipUniversity of Melbourne (Australia)Languages and Linguistics
Wang, MichaelNortheastern UniversityPsychology
Whittaker, ThomasHarvard UniversityReligion
Winegard, BoFlorida State UniversityPsychology
Wolff, NicholasBellevue UniversityHuman Capital Management
Wright, JoshuaUniversity of Western Ontario (Canada)Psychology
York, RobUniversity of Hawaii - ManoaHistory
Zhang, StacyDuke UniversityMarine Science and Conservation