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Heterodox Academy Member Database

We are a politically diverse group of academics who have come together to improve the academy by enhancing viewpoint diversity and the conditions that encourage open inquiry.

Heterodox Academy members are all professors and graduate students who have endorsed this statement:

“I believe that university life requires that people with diverse viewpoints and perspectives encounter each other in an environment where they feel free to speak up and challenge each other. I am concerned that many academic fields and universities currently lack sufficient viewpoint diversity. I support viewpoint diversity, mutual understanding, and constructive disagreement in my academic field, my institution, my department, and my classroom.”


NameSchoolDepartmentStatusSelected Publications
Abbot, DorianUniversity of ChicagoGeophysical SciencesT
Abbott, RussCalifornia State University - Los AngelesComputer ScienceT
Abeles, TomUniversity of LouisvilleEnvironmental SciencesE
Abramoff, MichaelUniversity of IowaOpthamalogy and Visual SciencesT
Abrams, SamSarah Lawrence CollegePolitical ScienceTProfessors moved left since 1990s, the rest of the country did not
Acar, AybarMiddle East Technical University (Turkey)Graduate School of InformaticsTT
Achziger, SusanCommunity College of AuroraEnglishT
Ackerman, JoshuaUniversity of MichiganPsychologyT
Acland, DanielUniversity of California - BerkeleyPublic Policy
Adams, CharleenUniversity of Bristol (United Kingdom)Social and Community MedicinePDGenetics, Fear, and the Slippery Slope of Moral Authoritarianism
Adams, PaulUniversity of Hawaii - ManoaSocial WorkECoercing conscience: Professional duty or moral integrity
Addante, RichardCalifornia State University - San BernadinoPsychologyTT
Adelman, JonathanUniversity of DenverInternational StudiesT
Adhia, NimishManhattanville CollegeEconomics, Finance, and ManagementHappiness Economics and its Discontents
Adler, JonathanCase Western Reserve UniversityLawT
Affsprung, EricBucknell UniversityCounseling and Human Development
Agarwal, RajshreeUniversity of MarylandManagement & OrganizationsTConfessions of a Silenced Professor
A Faustian bargain? The growth of management and its relationship with related disciplines
Ahmed, ArifUniversity of Cambridge (United Kingdom)PhilosophyT
Ahmed, DianaMcMaster University (Canada)Family Medicine
Ahrensdorf, PeterDavidson CollegePolitical ScienceT
Akin, EthanThe City College of New YorkMathematicsT
Akresh, IlanaUniversity of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignSociologyT
Albouy, DavidUniversity of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignEconomicsT
Albrecht, MarcUniversity of Nebraska - KearneyBiologyT
Alevli, MustafaMarmara UniversityPhysicsT
Alexander, GerardUniversity of VirginiaPolitical ScienceTReal academic diversity
Alexander, LoisUniversity of Michigan - FlintMusicT
Ali, MuhammadMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical EngineeringPD
Allen, BrookeBennington CollegeLiteratureT
Allen, JackConcordia University TexasBusiness
Allen, PaulConcordia UniversityTheological StudiesT
Allison, LeeEastern Kentucky UniversityManagement, Marketing & International BusinessTT
Allwood, JensUniversity of Gothenburg (Sweden)SCCIIL Interdisciplinary CenterE
Al-Shawaf, LaithBilkent University (Turkey)PsychologyT
Altena, Ian vanThe University of Newcastle, Australiaschool: Environmental and Life Sciences
Altschuler, JoanneCalifornia State University - Los AngelesSocial WorkT
Amaral, PedroCalifornia State University - FresnoPhilosophyT
Amira, KarynCollege of CharlestonPolitical ScienceTTThe Decision Not to Furl the Confederate Flag in My Classroom
Amitay, OrenRyerson UniversityPsychology
Amsel, LawrenceColumbia UniversityPsychiatryTTThere is nothing to fear but the amygdala: Applying advances in the neuropsychiatry of fear to public policy
What is wrong with rational suicide
The psychology of ongoing threat: Relative risk appraisal, the September 11, 2001 attacks, and terrorism-related fears
Anadio, AnthonySUNY - Empire State CollegeHumanities and Arts
Anderson, DerekNorthern Michigan UniversityEducationTT
Anderson, RobertUniversity of Maryland - Baltimore CountyPsychology
Anderson, StephanieAshford UniversityPsychology
Andersson, ClaesChalmers University of Technology (Sweden)Space, Earth and EnvironmentT
Andrews, DavidScripps CollegePoliticsT
Angadi, SiddharthaArizona State of UniversitySchool of Nutrition and Health PromotionTT
Angeleri, RominaUniversity of New MexicoPsychology
Angle, JustinUniversity of MontanaManagement and MarketingTTActivating stereotypes with brand imagery: The role of viewer political identity
Anomaly, JonathanUniversity of San DiegoPhilosophy, Politics, and EconomicsTTMonks in High Towers: A Plea to Our Fellow Academics
What's Wrong with the American Academy
Anthony, KellyUniversity of Waterloo (Canada)Public Health and Health SystemsT
Anttiroiko, Ari-VeikkoUniversity of TampereFaculty of ManagementWellness City: Health and Well-being in Urban Economic Development
Emulating models of good governance: learning from the developments of the world's least corrupt countries
Entrepreneurial Universities in Global Innovation Ecology
Appelbaum, PaulColumbia UniversityPsychiatryT
Aquino, KarlUniversity of British Columbia (Canada)Marketing and Behavioral ScienceTWhat makes affirmative action-based hiring decisions seem (un)fair? A test of an ideological explanation for fairness judgments
What makes professors appear credible: The effect of demographic characteristics and ideological beliefs
Aranguren, JavierInternational University of La Rioja (Spain)Nueva Revista (cultural magazine)T
Arcidiacono, PeterDuke UniversityEconomicsT
Arden, RosalindLondon School of Economics & Political Science (United Kingdom)Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science
Argamon, ShlomoIllinois Institute of TechnologyComputer ScienceT
Armour, KyleUniversity of WashingtonAtmospheric SciencesTT
Armstrong, RebeccaDepaul UniversitySchool for New Learning
Armus, SethSt. Joseph's CollegeHistoryT
Arnold, BruceThe Ohio State UniversityEducationPD
Arnold, JasonVirginia Commonwealth UniversityPolitical ScienceT
Arnold, SamuelTexas Christian UniversityPolitical ScienceTT
Aron, RaviJohns Hopkins UniversityInformation SystemsTT
Aronson, JoshuaNew York UniversityApplied PsychologyT
Arpad-Cotta, ToriFlorida International UniversityArt + Art HistoryT
Arrunada, BenitoPompeu Fabra University (Spain)EconomicsT
Arum, RichardUniversity of California - IrvineEducationT
Ashby, BillUniversity of VirginiaLeadership & Public Policy
Asher, LyellLewis & Clark CollegeEnglishTLow definition in higher education
How Ed Schools Became a Menace
Ashton, JohnUniversity of Otago (New Zealand)Pharmacology & ToxicologyT
Askham, TravisUniversity of WashingtonMathematicsPD
Astro, AlanTrinity UniversityModern Languages and LiteraturesT
Atkinson, QuentinUniversity of Auckland (New Zealand)PsychologyT
Atlas, ScottStanford UniversityHoover InstitutionRestoring Quality Health Care: A Six Point Plan for Comprehensive Reform at Lower Cost
In Excellent Health: Setting the Record Straight on America's Health Care
Auerback, MicahUniversity of MichiganAsian Languages and CulturesT
Auld, ChrisUniversity of Victoria (Canada)EconomicsT
Aurini, JaniceUniversity of Wateloo (Canada)Sociology and Legal StudiesT
Austin, MichaelEastern Kentucky UniversityPhilosophy and ReligionT
Austin, PeterSt. Edwards UniversityUniversity StudiesT
Avent-Holt, DustinAugusta UniversitySocial SciencesT
Avis, MarkMassey University (New Zealand)MarketingT
Azorlosa, JulianWest Chester UniversityPsychologyT
Bacharach, VerneAppalachian State UniversityPsychologyERacial and gender science achievement gaps in secondary education
Direct and indirect effects of maternal intelligence, maternal age, income, and home environment on intelligence of preterm, low-birth-weight children
Backus, BenjaminSUNY College of OptometryGraduate Center for Vision ScienceT
Backus, GeorgeUniversity of California San DiegoSIO
Badhwar, NeeraUniversity of Oklahoma; George Mason UniversityPhilosophy; EconomicsE
Bailey, DrewUniversity of California - IrvineEducationTT
Bailey, MichaelNorthwestern UniversityPsychologyTThe man who would be queen: The science of gender-bending and transsexualism
What many transgender activists don't want you to know: and why you should know it anyway
Sexual orientation, controversy, and science
Baker, AaronUniversity of La VernePsychologyTT
Baker, DavidMacquarie University (Australia)Big History InstituteTT
Baker, H. RobertGeorgia State UniversityHistory; Political ScienceT
Baker, HollyUniversity of Massachussets - DartmouthEnglish
Baker, HunterUnion UniversityPolitical ScienceTT
Balderas, IsraelPalm Beach Atlantic UniversityCommunication and MeidaYou've Got to Be Kidding (2016 Suncoast Regional Emmy Nomination)
Speaking with one broadband voice: The case for a unified circuit appeals process after Brand X Internet Services v. FCC
The Warp and Woof of the Constitution Pulled Apart by Trump's Pardon Powers
Baldwin, DanielLuther CollegeMusicT
Baldwin, JayAbraham Baldwin Agricultural CollegeCommunication; EnglishTT
Bale, JeffreyMiddlebury Institute of International Studies at MontereyNonproliferation and Terrorism StudiesT
Baltzer, WendyMassey University (New Zealand)Institute of Vet, Animal and Biomedical SciencesT
Bambauer, JaneUniversity of ArizonaLawTT
Bankston, CarlTulane UniversitySociologyTSocial justice: Cultural origins of a perspective and a theory
Engineering the competition: Affirmative action as subsidized mobility
The civic education crusade: A heretic's analysis
Bannon, BradUniversity of Tennessee, KnoxvilleEnglish
Baranowski, MichaelNorthern Kentucky UniversityPolitical Science, Criminal Justice, and Organizational LeadershipT
Barber, BrianKent State UniversityLifespan Development and Educational SciencesTT
Barbosa-Hernandez, GermanOklahoma UniversityAnesthesia
Barbour, RickUniversity of DenverTheatreT
Bardsley, JohnathanUniversity of MontanaMathematicsT
Bardwell, KedronSimpson CollegePolitical ScienceT
Bare, WilliamRandolph CollegeChemistryT
Barkhausen, MaxUniversity of Hamburg (Germany)PhilosophyTT
Barlev, MichaelArizona State UniversityPsychology DepartmentPR
Barnes, CollinHillsdale CollegePsychologyTTA Conservative Response to the Problems in Social Psychology
Barnett, KatyUniversity of MelbourneAssociate ProfessorT
Barnum, ChrisSt. Ambrose UniversitySociology and Criminal JusticeT
Barr, JohnLone Star CollegeSocial Sciences and HumanitiesTLoathing Lincoln: An American Tradition from the Civil War to the Present
Challenging Their Cozy Cosmos: Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, and the Lost Cause
Barrett, LisaNortheastern UniversityPsychologyT
Barth, HilaryWesleyan UniversityPsychologyT
Barton, MichaelPennsylvania State University - HarrisburgAmerican StudiesE
Basile, AnthonyD'Youville CollegeBiology & MathematicsT
Basu, ArindamUniversity of Canterbury (New Zealand)Health SciencesT
Bates, TimUniversity of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)PsychologyT
Bauer, HenryVirginia TechChemistry and Science StudiesEDiversity and Identity
Affirmative Action at Virginia Tech: The Tail That Wagged the Dog
Science is Not What You Think
Bauer, StevenMiami UniversityEnglishE
Bauerlein, MarkEmory UniversityEnglishTLiberal Groupthink is Anti-Intellectual
Baumann, FredKenyon CollegePolitical ScienceTSex and Philosophy in the 21st Century
Liberal Education and Liberal Democracy
Baumeister, RoyFlorida State UniversityPsychologyT
Beall, StephenMarquette UniversityForeign Languages & LiteraturesT
Beaulieu, GregoryBaylor College of MedicinePsychiatry
Beaulieu, GregoryUniversity of Victoria (Canada)Biology
Beckers, SanderUtrecht University (Netherlands)Philosophy and Religious StudiesPR
Beckmann, MarkusUniversity of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany)School of Business and EconomicsT
Beckwith, FrancisBaylor UniversityPhilosophyTLearning, Dialogue, and the Responsibility of the Listener
The Truth is Rarely Safe
Are You Politically Correct? Debating America's Culture Standards
Bedi, RobUniversity of British Columbia (Canada)Educational and Counselling Psychology and Special EducationTT
Beech, MattUniversity of HullLaw and PoliticsT
Beetow, ChristineMilwaukee Institute of Art and Design2D/4D Design
Beghin, JohnNorth Carolina State UniversityAgricultural & Resource EconomicsT
Bejan, AdrianDuke UniversityMechanical Engineering and Materials ScienceTThe Physics of Life: The Evolution of Everything
Bejan, Teresa M.University of Oxford (United Kingdom)Department of Politicis and International RelationsTTMere Civility: Disagreement and the Limits of Toleration
You Don't Have to be Nice to Political Opponents, but You Do Have to Talk to Them in The Washington Post
Two Concepts of Freedom (of Speech) in The Atlantic
Belardo, JohnLehman College, CUNYArt
Bell, MacalesterBryn Mawr CollegePhilosophyT
Beltran, FranciscoUniversity of TorontoPolitical Science
Benedict, PinckneySouthern Illinois University - CarbondaleEnglishT
Beneke, ChristopherBentley UniversityHistoryT
Ben-Gad, MichaelCity University of London (United Kingdom)EconomicsT
Bengson, JesseSonoma State UniversityPsychologyTT
Bennett, CaseyIndiana UniversitySchool of Informatics and ComputingPR
Bennett, MichaelCurry CollegeBusiness ManagementT
Benson, SeanUniversity of DubuqueEnglishTHeterodox Shakespeare
"Like monsters of the deep": Transworld depravity and King Lear
Short shrift?: Religion and materialist criticism
Benveniste, LawrenceEmory UniversityFinanceT
Berente, NicholasUniversity of GeorgiaManagement Information SystemsT
Berg, GeraldSweet Briar CollegeHistoryE
Bergerud, EricLincoln UniversityGeneral EducationT
Bergman, JayCentral Connecticut State UniversityHistoryTLiberal colleges need a different kind of diversity
CCSU, other universities, should educate, not indoctrinate, students
Brandeis and double standards
Bergstresser, DanielBrandeis UniversityEconomicsT
Bergstrom, BjornPacific UniversityPsychologyTT
Berkowitz, RogerBard CollegePolitics and Philosophy; Hannah Arendt CenterTFree Listening or Why The Free Speech Bogeymen Exist
Speaking Dangerously
You Are Not an Experience
Bernhardt-House, Phillip A.Skagit Valley CollegeHistory (Social Sciences)
Bernstein, JeffreyEastern Michigan UniversityPolitical ScienceT
Bernstein, JosephUniversity of PennsylvaniaOrthopaedic Surgery
Bertini, EnricoNew York UniversityComputer Science & EngineeringTT
Best, CandisConcordia University - PortlandEducation
Bhammar, DhariniUniversity of Nevada - Las VegasKinesiology and Nutrition SciencesTT
Bhattacharjee, AmitErasmus University (Netherlands)Marketing ManagementTTAnti-profit beliefs: How people neglect the societal benefits of profit
Bialkowski, RonQuarry Lane SchoolSocial Sciences
Bibby, AndyUtah Valley UniversityPolitical ScienceTT
Biddle, JeffMichigan State UniversityEconomicsT
Bieniasz, PaulRockefeller UniversityLaboratory of RetrovirologyT
Biggs, MichaelOxford UniversitySociologyT
Bikfalvi, AndreasUniversity of Bordeaux (France)Vascular and Tumor BiologyT
Billotte-Kelaidis, KatherineDepaul University
Binder, AmyUniversity of California - San DiegoSociologyTBecoming Right: How Campuses Shape Young Conservatives
Bindewald, BenOklahoma State UniversityEducationTT
Binnema, TedUniversity of Northern British Columbia (Canada)HistoryT
Binning, JohnIllinois State UniversityPsychologyT
Biondi, Carrie-AnnMarymount Manhattan CollegeHistory, Philosophy, and Religious StudiesT
Bird, AllanNortheastern UniversityBusinessT
Bird, David W.St. Mary's College of CaliforniaWorld Languages and CulturesT
Bisel, RyanUniversity of OklahomaCommunicationT
Bittick, RobinSam Houston State UniversityPolitical ScienceT
Bjerg, OleCopenhagen Business SchoolManagement, Politics and PhilosophyTConspiracy Theory: Truth Claim or Language Game?
Blacker, DavidUniversity of DelawareSchool of Education and Legal Studies ProgramTDemocratic Education Stretched Thin: How Complexity Challenges a Liberal Ideal
The Falling Rate of Learning and the Neoliberal Endgame
Blackwell, KatharineSalem CollegePsychologyTT
Blair, J. PeteTexas State UniversityCriminal JusticeT
Blake, MatthewCalifornia State University - ChicoJournalism and Public RelationsT
Blanch, GregoryNew Mexico State UniversitySchool of Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism ManagementT
Blanchar, JohnSwarthmore CollegePsychology
Blanco, PhilipGrossmont CollegePhysics and AstronomyT
Bleske-Rechek, AprilUniversity of Wisconsin-Eau ClairePsychologyT
Block, JamesUniversity of California - Santa BarbaraEducationT
Bochi, JairoPontifical Catholic University of ChileMathematicsT
Bodie, GrahamUniversity of MississippiMeek School of Journalism and New Media
Bogaert, AnthonyBrock UniversityHealth SciencesT
Bogue, Edith Erna-LynneCollege of St. ScholasticaPsychology and SociologyT
Bohlin, HenrikSodertorn University (Sweden)History and Contemporary StudiesT
Bok, ChristianCharles Darwin UniversityCreative Arts and HumanitiesT
Boley, F. D.Central Methodist UniversityCounselor EducationTT
Bonevac, DanielUniversity of Texas - AustinPhilosophyT• Leviathan U. in "The Imperiled Academy"
What Multiculturalism Should Not Be
Manifestations of Illiberalism in Philosophy
Borden, KarlUniversity of Nebraska - KearneyAccounting & FinanceT
Bosco, DavidIndiana UniversityInternational StudiesT
Bourbouhakis Bourbouhakis, EmmanuelPrinceton UniversityClassicsT
Bourrat, PierrickMacquarie University (Australia)PhilosophyPD
Boutwell, BrianSt. Louis UniversityCriminology and Criminal JusticeT
Bowles, SuzanneWilliam Paterson UniversityHistoryT
Boyer, PascalWashington University in St. LouisAnthropologyT
Bradley, AnthonyThe King's CollegeReligious and Theological StudiesTAffirmative action and conceptions of fairness: Jonathan Haidt and the righteous Black community
Bradley, StevenBaylor UniversityEntrepreneurshipTInstitutions, economic freedom, and entrepreneurship: The contribution of management scholarship
The influence of tax and regulatory policies on entrepreneurs' opportunity evaluation decisions
Bradshaw, DavidUniversity of KentuckyPhilosophyT
Bradshaw, StephenRichmond Graduate UniversityCounseling
Brady, DavidStanford UniversityPolitical ScienceT
Brahm, GabrielNorthern Michigan UniversityEnglishTThe Case Against Academic Boycotts of Israel
The end of identity liberalism at the MLA: Saying 'no' to discrimination on the basis of nationality
Shakespeare's fault or yours? Melzer's maxim: A guide to tentative omniscience for the congenitally hyperfallible
Brand, DonaldCollege of the Holy CrossPolitical ScienceT
Brasington, BruceWest Texas A & M UniversityHistoryT
Braun, MaryDartmouth CollegeCommunity and Family Medicine
Breimer, EricSiena CollegeComputer ScienceT
Brennan, JasonGeorgetown UniversityStrategy, Economics, Ethics, and Public PolicyT
Brennan-Jones, KellySUNY - BrockportPsychologyT
Breuning, LorettaCalifornia State University - East BayManagementEWhy I'm a Registered "None": My struggle to become a "No party preference"
Why I Question Academic Research on Happiness: And You Should Too
The Neurochemistry of Science Bias
Brewer, BrendonUniversity of Auckland (New Zealand)StatisticsTWhat experts do and don't know
Brick, CameronUniversity of Cambridge (United Kingdom)PsychologyPRGoing along versus getting it right: The role of self-integrity in political conformity
Brignall, MatthewBastyr UniversityClinical Sciences
Brint, StevenUniversity of California - RiversideSociologyTMerit Square-Off: The Fight Over College Admissions
Guide for the perplexed: On Michael Burawoy's "public sociology"
Professions and civic engagement: Trends in rhetoric and practice 1875-1995
Briody, MichaelGriffith UniversityCriminology and Criminal Justice
Broaders, SaraNorthwestern UniversityPsychology
Brodwin, PaulUniversity of Wisconsin - MilwaukeeAnthropologyT
Brokaw, JamesIndiana UniversityAnatomy and Cell BiologyT
Broom, JohnNorwich UniversityHistory
Brown, CandyIndiana UniversityReligious StudiesT
Brown, DavisBaylor UniversityInstitute for Studies of ReligionPR
Brown, JoshuaIndiana UniversityPsychologyT
Brown, PatrickStanford UniversityCarnegie Department of Global EcologyPDThe fact illusion: Objective truth is elusive in (climate) science
Brown, RyanPardee RAND Graduate SchoolAnthropologyT
Brownderville, GregSouthern Methodist UniversityEnglishT
Brubaker, StanleyColgate UniversityPolitical ScienceTMissing Diversity at Colgate: Lack of Conservative Faculty Stifles Intellectual Debate
Bruening, MichaelMissouri S & THistory and Political ScienceTA Reformation Source Book: Documents From an Age of Debate
Brunet, AdamAmerican International CollegeChemistryT
Brunner, PaulIndiana UniversityDepartment of Theatre and DanceT
Bruno, ZacharySkyline CollegeMusicT
Brunson, MarkUtah State UniversityEnvironment and SocietyT
Bryan, ScottQueensland University of Technology (Australia)Earth SciencesT
Brynjolfsson, ErikMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyManagerial EconomicsTCould the Internet balkanize science?
Electronic communities: Global villages or cyberbalkanization?(best theme paper)
Communication networks and the rise of an information rlite: Do computers help the rich get richer?
Buchanan, BruceNew York UniversityBusiness and SocietyT
Buckareff, AndreiMarist CollegePhilosophy and Religious StudiesT
Buckhaults, PhillipThe University of South CarolinaDrug Discovery and Biomedical SciencesT
Budd, BillThe University of Newcastle AustraliaPsychologyT
Budha, KishoreUniversity of Leeds (United Kingdom)DesignTT
Buhler, KeithUniversity of KentuckyPhilosophyPD
Bulakowski, PaulUniversity of California - BerkeleyEducation
Bulbulia, JosephVictoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)Religious StudiesT
Bullock, JohnBennington CollegeChemistryT
Bundy, JonathanArizona State UniversityManagement and EntrepreneurshipTT
Buntman, FranGeorge Washington UniversityGovernment
Burde, MarkUniversity of MichiganResidential College
Burdzinski, CarrieDelta College University CenterBiologyT
Burgess, JohnUniversity of Tasmania (Australia)MedicineT
Burgess, SimonUniversity of New England (Australia)BusinessTThe Rocky Road to Reconciliation
Burke, Thomas PatrickTemple UniversityReligionENo Harm
The Concept of Justice: Is Social Justice Just?
Burlingame, MichaelUniversity of Illinois - SpringfieldHistoryT
Burnett, OmerUniversity of Alabama - BirminghamRadiation OncologyTT
Burnett, RonEmily Carr University of Art and Design (Canada)New Media StudiesTHow Images Think
Cultures of Vision: Images, Media, and the Imaginary
Explorations in Film Theory
Burns, JenniferStanford UniversityHistoryT
Burroughs, JamesUniversity of VirginiaCommerceT
Burshteyn, DmitrySiena CollegePsychologyT
Burson, ScottIndiana Wesleyan UniversityTheology and Philosophy
Burton, RodneyUniversity of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignAerospace EngineeringE
Burton, SabinaUniversity of Wisconsin-PlattevilleCriminal JusticeT
Bush, EliotHarvey Mudd CollegeBiologyT
Bushman, BradThe Ohio State UniversityPsychologyT
Buss, DavidUniversity of Texas - AustinPsychologyT• Do ideologically driven scientific agendas impede the understanding and acceptance of evolutionary principles in social psychology? (To appear in: Political Bias in Social Psychology)
Bussey, BarryUniversity of Notre Dame (Australia)LawRights Inflation: Attempts to Redefine Marriage and the Freedom of Religion
The Legal Revolution Against the Place of Religion: The Case of Trinity Western University Law School
Butcher, JimCanterbury Christ Church University (United Kingdom)Human and Life SciencesT
Button, MarkUniversity of UtahPolitical ScienceTPolitical Vices
Impartiality in Political Judgment: Deliberative not Philosophical
Reading Emerson in Neoliberal Times: Contesting the Abandonment of Autonomy
Bye, PatrikUniversity of Nordland (Norway)Education & ArtsT
Byers, StevenIdaho State UniversityFinanceT
Byrne, PaulWashburn UniversitySchool of BusinessT
Bzdak, DavidOnondaga Community CollegeSocial Sciences and Philosophy
Cadigan, RobertBoston UniversitySociologyT
Cahoone, LawrenceCollege of the Holy CrossPhilosophyTCivil Society: The Conservative Meaning of Liberal Politics
The Modern Political Tradition: Hobbes to Habermas
Calcagno, PeterCollege of CharlestonEconomicsT
Caldwell, BruceDuke UniversityEconomics
Callahan, EugeneNew York UniversityComputer ScienceStall Wars
Callanan, GerardWest Chester UniversityManagementT
Callanan, KeeganMiddlebury CollegePolitical ScienceTTMiddlebury's Statement of Principle
Callard, BenjaminUniversity of ChicagoPhilosophy
Calvert, JohnCreightonHistoryT
Camosy, CharlesFordham UniversityTheologyTPeter Singer and Christian Ethics: Beyond Polarization
Beyond the Abortion Wars: A Way Forward for a New Generation
Polarization in the US Catholic Church: Naming the Wounds, Beginning to Heal
Campbell, BradleyCalifornia State University - Los AngelesSociologyTMicroaggression and Moral Cultures
Campus Culture Wars and the Sociology of Morality
Purity and Tolerance: The Contradictory Morality of College Campuses
Campbell, JamesSUNY - BuffaloPolitical ScienceTPolarized: Making Sense of a Divided America
Campbell, W. KeithUniversity of GeorgiaPsychologyT
Cantu, EdwardUniversity of Missouri - Kansas CityLawT
Capizzi, AndreaVanderbilt UniversitySpecial Education
Capra, C. MonicaClaremont Graduate UniversityEconomicsT
Carcasson, MartinColorado State UniversityCommunication StudiesTBeyond Problem Solving: Re-conceptualizing the Work of Public Deliberation as Deliberative Inquiry
The Critical Role of Local Centers and Institutes in Advancing Deliberative Democracy
Tackling Wicked Problems through Deliberative Engagement
Carden, ArtSamford UniversityEconomics, Finance, and Quantitative AnalysisT
Cardus, SalvadorUniversitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain)SociologyT
Cargill, KimaUniversity of WashingtonPsychologyT
Carmichael, LorneQueen's University at Kingston (Canada)EconomicsEMale-female imbalance in STEM comes down to economics
Carr, TimothyWest Virginia UniversityGeology & GeographyT
Carrese, PaulArizona State UniversityPolitical ScienceTUniversities Should be Safe-Spaces - for Intellectual Diversity
Democracy in Moderation: Montesquieu, Tocqueville, and Sustainable Liberalism
America's Neglected Ideal of Moderation
Carrico, KevinMacquarie University (Australia)International StudiesT
Carroll, JohnAustin Community CollegeEconomicsTT
Carroll, JosephUniversity of Missouri, St. LouisUniversity of California, BerkeleyTA Cross-Disciplinary Survey of Beliefs about Human Nature, Culture, and Science.
Carroll, JustinIndiana University EastArts & CultureT
Carson, WalterUniversity of PittsburghBiological SciencesT
Carter, NicholasHarvard UniversityAnthropologyPD
Carveth, RodMorgan State UniversityMultimedia JournalismT
Casasanto, DanielCornell UniversityHuman Development and PsychologyTSleight of Hand
Linguistic relativity in: Routledge Handbook of Semantics
Different bodies, different minds: The body-specificity of language and thought
Case, JuddManchester UniversityCommunication StudiesT
Casey, TerrenceRose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyHumanities and Social SciencesTAcademics need to understand the countries in which they live
Casper, ChristianUniversity of MichiganTechnical Communication
Cassel, ParUniversity of MichiganHistoryTForskare: "Vi behover inte tva Varldskulturmuseer"
Cassidy, HughKansas State UniversityEconomicsTT
Casson, DouglasSt. Olaf CollegePolitical ScienceT
Castelino, MarkRutgers University - NewarkFinance; EconomicsT
Castronova, EdwardUniversity of Indiana, BloomingtonThe Media SchoolT
Caswell, T. AndrewGannon UniversityPsychologyTT
Catagnus Jr., EarlValley Forge Military CollegeJustice and Security Studies
Cather, JasonSaint Xavier UniversityPhilosophy
Causadias, JoseArizona State UniversitySanford School of Social and Family DynamicsTTDo we overemphasize the role of culture in the behavior of racial/ethnic minorities? Evidence of a cultural (mis)attribution bias in American Psychology
Culture and biology interplay: An introduction
Cavallo, Jo AnnColumbia UniversityItalianTIntroduction, Speaking Truth to Power from Medieval to Modern Italy (co-guest editor)
Cavar, DamirIndiana UniversityLinguisticsT
Cavenagh, ThomasNorth Central CollegeLeadership, Ethics, and ValuesT
Cesario, JosephMichigan State UniversityPsychologyT
Chalmers, JeffreyThe Ohio State UniversityChemical EngineeringT
Chambers, DustinSalisbury UniversityEconomics and FinanceT
Chance, ZoeYale UniversityMarketingTT
Chapin, ChristyUniversity of Maryland - Baltimore CountyHistoryT
Chapman, CraigUniversity of New HampshireChemistryTT
Charbonneau, FrancoisUniversity of Ottawa (Canada)Political StudiesT
Chavez, RobertUniversity of OregonPsychologyTT
Chavura, StephenMacquarie University (Australia)Modern History, Politics and International Relations
Chawla, ChetanNorth Central CollegeSchool of Business and EntrepreneurshipTT
Cheek, LeeEast Georgia State CollegeHumanities and Social SciencesT
Cheit, RossBrown UniversityPolitical ScienceTTFree expression matters
Cheng, YangyangCornell UniversityPhysicsPD
Chin, JasonUniversity of Queensland (Australia)LawTT
Chittur, KrishnanUniversity of Alabama - HuntsvilleChemical EngineeringT
Chiu, YvonneUniversity of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)Political ScienceTIs Hong Kong Setting the Example That Democracy is Possible Everywhere?
Choate, MarkBrigham Young UniversityHistoryT
Choi, Young BackSt. John's UniversityEconomicsT
Christakis, NicholasYale UniversitySociologyTConnected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives.
Dynamic Social Networks Promote Cooperation in Experiments with Humans
Static Network Structure Can Stabilize Human Cooperation
Christiansen, CharlesUniversity of TexasSchool of Health ProfessionsE
Christie, JohnRegis CollegeGlobal Business Management
Chu, BillUniversity of North Carolina - CharlotteSoftware and Information SystemsT
Churchman, DavidCalifornia State University Dominguez HillsBehavioral Science also HumanitiesEWhy We Fight: Origins, Nature and Management of Human Conflict
Negotiation: Process, Tactics, Theory
Cislaghi, BenLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (United Kingdom)Global Health and DevelopmentTT
Citrin, JackUniversity of California - BerkeleyPolitical ScienceTAmerican Identity and the Politics of Multiculturalism
Clark, CoryFlorida State UniversityPsychologyPDAt least bias is bipartisan: A meta-analytic comparison of partisan bias in liberals and conservatives
Clark, HenryDartmouth CollegePolitical Economy Project
Clark, StevenUniversity of MichiganMolecular, Cellular and Developmental BiologyT
Clarke, JustinOttawa UniversityHumanities
Clifton, AllanVassar CollegePsychologyT
Clingingsmith, DavidCase Western Reserve UniversityEconomicsT
Cloud, JaimeWestern Oregon UniversityPsychologyT
Cloud, MarkLock Haven UniversityPsychologyTT
Clower, JasonCalifornia State University - ChicoComparative Religion and HumanitiesT
Coan, JamesUniversity of VirginiaPsychologyT
Cochran, JamesIowa State UniversityPhysics and AstronomyT
Coffey, JohnSewanee: The University of the SouthPsychologyTT
Cohen, Andrew JasonGeorgia State UniversityPhilosophyTToleration

Cohen, EliotJohns Hopkins UniversityInternational Studies; Strategic StudiesT
Colborne, G. RobertMassey University (New Zealand)Veterinary ScienceT
Coldwell, DouglasUniversity of LouisvilleRadiologyTT
Cole, GeorgeTexas Tech UniversityClassic & Modern LanguagesT
Collard, MarkSimon Fraser University (Canada)ArchaeologyT
Collett, TeresaUniversity of St. ThomasLawT
Collins, JeffreyQueen's University (Canada)HistoryTThe New Hobbesians
Collins, MichaelRhodes CollegeBiologyT
Collins, SusanUniversity of Notre DamePolitical ScienceT
Collum, DavidCornell UniversityChemistry & Chemical BiologyT2016 Year in Review: A Clockwork Orange
Colorafi, KarenWashington State UniversityCollege of NursingTTIts time for innovation in the Health Insurance and Portability Act (HIPAA)
Using Narratives to Enhance Nursing Practice and Leadership: What Makes a Good Nurse? Teaching and Learning in Nursing
Condon, JamesNational Radio Astronomy ObservatoryAstronomy
Conklin, JamesConcordia University (Canada)Applied Human SciencesT
Conley, JamesNorthwestern UniversityStrategy
Conlon, JosephOxford UniversityPhysicsTWhy Viewpoint Diversity Also Matters in the Hard Sciences

Connolly, ShannonMissouri Southern State UniversityModern LanguagesTT
Connor, GregoryMaynooth University (Ireland)Economics, Finance & AccountingT
Cook, JesseValdosta State UniversityMusicTT
Cooke, MartinUniversity of Waterloo (Canada)SociologyT
Cooper, EricIowa State UniversityPsychologyT
Corbett, AndrewBabson CollegeEntrepreneurshipT
Corbett, ColinBradley UniversityEconomicsTT
Cordes, SaraBoston CollegePsychologyT
Corso, GregMorehead State UniversityPsychologyT
Cosares, StevenLaguardia Community CollegeMathematics, Engineering and Computer ScienceT
Coskun, DevrimLaval University (Canada)Plant SciencesPR
Cosmides, LedaUniversity of California - Santa BarbaraPsychologyTEvolutionary psychology, moral heuristics, and the law
Formidability and the logic of human anger
Cost, FrankRochester Institute of TechnologyPhotographic Arts and SciencesT
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• About: The assault on academic freedom at UCLA
• About: James Enstrom vs. UCLA: Terminating Environmental Debate
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Trump win is a lesson for media and academia
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Political diversity will improve social psychological science
True diversity requires generosity of spirit
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More about intelligence research related to Murray/Harris podcast
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Citizens' perceptions of ideological bias in research on public policy controversies
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Objectivity and realms of explanation in academic journal articles concerning sex/gender: a comparison of Gender studies and the other social sciences
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Embracing the Breadth of our Repertoire
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Campus culture wars and the sociology of morality
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Political diversity at universities could help temper polarization
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Taking Religious Pluralism Seriously Spiritual Politics on America's Sacred Ground
Religious pluralism at the crossroads in The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Religion and Politics in the U.S.
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• Prejudice, tradition, and the critique of ideology: Gadamer and Oakeshott on Practical Reason in "Praxis and Politik - Michael Oakeshott im Dialog"
• One hand clapping: The reception of Michael Oakeshott's work by American conservatives in "The Meanings of Michael Oakeshott's Conservatism"
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The privilege of checking White privilege
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• The Transformation of Title IX: Regulating Gender Equality in Education (forthcoming)
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The Media, the Adversary Culture and US Foreign Policy
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Mental Health "Disabilities" as Legal Superpowers
Trauma and sex surveys meet minimal risk standards: Implications for Institutional Review Boards
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Truth in the Age of Trump
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The case against censorship: Should black women being thanking Satoshi Kanazawa
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New Threats to Academic Freedom, Bioethics
Why Publishing Pseudonymously Can Protect Academic Freedom
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Straussophobia: Six questions for Peter Minowitz
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Helmut Kohl: Legacy of Unity
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Moreau, BartonBoise State UniversityMusic
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Morgan, PaulPenn StateDepartment of Education Policy StudiesT
Morgenstern, BarbaraIthaca CollegeTelevision-RadioT
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Morris, ThomasUniversity of ConnecticutPlant Science and Landscape ArchitectureT
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Mott, MegMarlboro CollegePoliticsT• Sex in the Era of Consent in Street-Level Sovereignty: The Intersection of Space and Law
Is there a culture of denial around sexual misconduct in academia?
DeVos' rule changes on handling sexual assault will benefit everyone
Motyl, MattUniversity of Illinois - ChicagoPsychologyTT
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Developing Moral Sensitivity
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English and LinguisticsT
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Albert Hirschman's Rhetoric of Recrimination
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How white privilege could explain everything about Donald Trump's success
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Reclaiming the Left
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Murphy, RyanSouthern Methodist UniversityEconomics
Murray, BruceAuburn UniversityCurriculum and TeachingT
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Murray, JohnRhodes CollegeEconomicsT
Murray, MelissaSouthern Methodist UniversityMusic Theory
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Neiheisel, JacobSUNY - BuffaloPolitical ScienceTT
Neisser, PhilState University of New York at CantonBusiness and Liberal ArtsTYou're not as Crazy as I Thought But You're Still Wrong: Conversations between a Die-Hard Liberal and a Devoted Conservative

United We Fall: Ending America's Love Affair with the Political Center
Political Polarization as Disagreement Failure
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A Passion for Democracy: Proximity to Power and the Sovereign Immunity Test Could Civil Discourse Make Us and our Public Policy Decisions Better?
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Why Constructive Engagement is Rare
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Nielsen, MichaelGeorgia Southern UniversityPsychologyT
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Nirenburg, SergeiRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteCognitive ScienceT
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Noam, EliColumbia UniversityFinance & EconomicsT
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Motivated independence? Implicit party identity predicts political judgments among self-proclaimed independents
Promoting an open research culture
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Nowack, D. DavidAndrews UniversityChemistry and BiochemistryTT
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Oatley, ThomasTulane UniversityPolitical ScienceT
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O'Byrne, NicoleUniversity of New Brunswick (Canada)LawT
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Psychology's War on Religion
• Handbook of Cultural Competence and Sensitivity: Conceptual Problems and Scientific Status (in preparation)
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The politics of corporate social responsibility or: Why Milton Friedman was right all along
How cognitive neuroscience informs a subjectivist-evolutionary explanation of business ethics
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Otteson, JamesWake Forest UniversityEconomicsT
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Apocalypse of the therapeutic: The death of desire in the cabin in the woods
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Shakespeare's History Plays: Rethinking Historicism
Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory
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Political tests for faculty?
What Price Utopia? Essays on Ideological Policing, Feminism, and Academic Affairs
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Social and Political ScienceTPolitical attitudes, social participation and social mobility: A longitudinal analysis
Education, social attitudes and social participation among adults in Britain
Social Radicalism and Liberal Education
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The GOP Isn't the Only Party to Dissemble on Race
The Real Problem with America's Inner Cities
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Pech, WesleyWofford CollegeEconomicsT
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Pensyl, William RusselNortheastern UniversityArt & DesignT
Pepinsky, ThomasCornell UniversityGovernmentT
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First Amendment, Free Speech
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Perone, MichaelWest Virginia UniversityPsychologyT
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The Failure of Charity and the Loss of Personhood: Beyond the Enlightenment Impasse
Threatening Naturalism's Universal Authority
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Phillips, RobertBall State UniversityAnthropologyTT
Phillips, RobertUniversity of RichmondManagementT
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Pigott, JulianRyukoku University
International StudiesT
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The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature
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Podoshen, JeffreyFranklin and Marshall CollegeBusinessT
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Using Documentary Film to Teach Social Justice and Global Awareness in Educational Leadership
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Western Culture at the American Crossroads: Conflicts Over the Nature of Science and Reason
For the Love of Beauty: Art, History, and the Moral Foundations of Aesthetic Judgment
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Potts, JasonRoyal Melbourne Institute of Technology
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Pradl, GordonNew York UniversityTeaching & LearningE
Pratt, CaseyWingate UniversityEnglishT
Preston, ThomasSUNY - Stony BrookNeuropsychology Service/Neurology
Price, RobertUniversity of Toronto (Canada)Professional Writing and Communication
price, tedVirginia TechEducational Leadership
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Prior, Karen SwallowLiberty UniversityEnglish
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Early intervention effects fade away
Interventions can raise g, still the effects fade
Affirmation interventions don't work in de-facto segregated schools
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Queen, RobinUniversity of MichiganLinguisticsT
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Rahn, WendyUniversity of MinnesotaPolitical ScienceT
Rainsborough, MichaelKing's College London (United Kingdom)War StudiesTHear the Silence: Investigating Exclusion in Cold War International Relations
The Commentariat and Discourse Failure: Language and Atrocity in Cool Britannia
We're All Terrorists Now: Critical-or Hypocritical-Studies "on" Terrorism?
Please note that the Dr. Rainsborough publishes under the name M.L.R. Smith
Rajagopal, KeshavaUniversity of Texas-HoustonCardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
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Reading laicite
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Welcome to the Social Justice University
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The Science of Racism is Back
How Human Rights Succumbed to Western Self-Loathing
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New USD Ethics, Economics Center to Inspire Debate, Discovery
USD Questions Morality of Immigration Policies