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We welcome the opportunity to partner with philanthropic organizations and individuals that support viewpoint diversity in the academy. As with our membership, leadership, and content, our donors are fairly well balanced across the political spectrum.

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Funds are used to pay for our full-time employees and our part-time team, outreach efforts to promote our mission, and ongoing research and resource development.

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Support our mission advancing viewpoint diversity, mutual understanding and constructive disagreement by giving to the organization. See how to contribute via our donation page.

To date, our major sources of funding (those whose gifts total $20,000 or more) are:

  • The Achelis and Bodman Foundation
  • Asness Family Foundation
  • The Einhorn Family Charitable Trust
  • Ford Foundation
  • Gerry Ohrstrom
  • Jonathan Haidt
  • The Margaret and Daniel Loeb – Third Point Foundation
  • George Loening
  • The Paul E. Singer Foundation
  • The Darla Moore Foundation
  • Richard Grinold
  • The Richard Lounsbery Foundation
  • The Rodel Foundation
  • Mike and Sofia Segal Foundation
  • Toby Shannan
  • The Stanton Foundation
  • Thomas Smith Foundation
  • Triad Foundation, Inc.