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December 21, 2021+Team HxA

Third Round of FFO Grant Recipients Announced

We’re pleased to wrap up the calendar year with this announcement to recognize the third round of members who have been awarded HxA’s Flexible Funding Opportunity (FFO) grant. The grantees in this round are working to cultivate ongoing opportunities for constructive conversations and deeper connection on campuses across the US. Not only will their work benefit current students and faculty at their home institutions but - because of their commitment to creating models and frameworks for others - their work has great potential to improve the culture of higher education for future generations. We’re so grateful to be able to support their valuable work.

The Heterodox Communities (HxCommunities) and the FFO grants are two HxA member benefits that facilitate connection and collaboration between members as they seek to promote open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement. These benefits offer opportunities to find support and community, share resources, and address challenges around these principles.

FFO funding is still available to support additional member initiatives. Learn more about the application process and requirements, and read more about the third round recipients below!

Concurrent Panelists 26
“UDelEngage: Engaging College Students with Civic Engagement and Discourse at a Pivotal Point in their Development as Citizens” Lindsay H. Hoffman, Associate Professor, Communication, University of Delaware | HxCommunication HxA member Lindsay Hoffman is utilizing an FFO grant, along with resources and buy-in from campus stakeholders, to scale up existing work and create a lasting presence at UD. Through campus experiences including a symposium and facilitated dialogue; research on best practices; and tools to help other campuses follow their lead, she is cultivating opportunities for the UD campus to model civil dialogue for the next generation. Twitter:  @TheDocHoff@udcpc | @UDelaware Instagram:  @ud.cpc | @udelaware
Kevin Marinelli

"Symposium of Public Discourse and Deliberation Program Directors"

Kevin Marinelli, Executive Director, Program for Public Discourse, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | HxHumanities

Through this symposium, HxA member Kevin Marinelli is bringing together public discourse and deliberation program directors and associates from campuses across the country to connect with one another, communicate their ongoing initiatives, share their successes and challenges, engage diverse pedagogical techniques, and, ultimately, pool their intellectual resources in the effort to advance a robust framework of rhetorical and deliberative pedagogy well into the twenty-first century.

Twitter: @UNCPPD

Facebook: @UNCPPD

LinkedIn: "UNC Program for Public Discourse"

Screen Shot 2021 12 22 at 11 09 01 AM
"The Challenge of Free Speech on Campus" Mike Weaver, Director of the Bradley Study Center at Virginia Tech, and Ellington Graves, Director of Africana Studies in the Department of Sociology and Assistant Provost for Diversity and Inclusion at Virginia Tech | HxHigher Ed Leadership  The Bradley Study Center and the Virginia Tech Office for Inclusion and Diversity are partnering together for this FFO-funded project to support a campus-wide dialog on freedom of expression and civil discourse. Professors Robert George, Princeton University, and Cornel West, Union Theological Seminary, will engage in a public conversation on the Virginia Tech campus on March 17, 2022, focusing on the importance of both free speech and civil discourse. This public event will be followed by a series of in-person and virtual discussions among students and faculty to address the challenges of fostering these core values within the unique context of Virginia Tech. Instagram: @Inclusive_VT | @BradleyStudyCenter
To learn about the first and second round of HxA’s Flexible Funding Opportunity (FFO) grant recipients, please see our previous announcements from September and November.
The HxCommunities Flexible Funding Opportunity was made possible through the support of a grant from the John Templeton Foundation. The opinions expressed by funded programs, projects, or events are those of the individual Grantees, organizers, speakers, presenters, and attendees of such events/activities and do not necessarily reflect the views of Heterodox Academy and/or the John Templeton Foundation.

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