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academic freedom

Measuring Academic Freedom and Intellectual Diversity

Whenever a university claims commitment to academic excellence, critical thinking, research productivity, career preparation, innovation, diversity and inclusion or academic freedom, there is a legitimate question about whether these terms are just fashionable slogans or actual campus characteristics.  Definitions and measurement are key. Reliable and relevant data are necessary. For example, if a university claimed..

policy debates

Promoting a Campus Culture of Policy Debates

A team of graduate students and I have just completed research on the topics and participants in on-campus debates or forums with divergent viewpoints in 24 policy areas. The issues cover everything from more abstract subjects such as constitutional government, federalism and separation of powers to more specific hot button subjects such as policies about guns, immigration, and abortion. While the focus was on national issues, local policies that were the subject of campus forums with divergent viewpoint were also included.

campus debates

Whither Campus Debates?

Every indicator shows enormous dissatisfaction among Americans with the current state of our discourses about public policy.  Levels of distrust for institutional leaders, and even for our basic institution themselves, threaten the enlightened public participation on which democracy depends.  In higher education, where civil rational discussion should be most practiced and prized, many campuses recently..