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Viewpoint Diversity Discussion at Stanford Law

The Federalist Society held a conference last Friday on intellectual diversity in the academy, at Stanford law school. This echoes a similar conference the Society sponsored at Harvard Law in 2013. The Stanford meeting discussed recent research on the current state of viewpoint diversity by scholars like James Phillips and Jon Shields, a debate between..

Free Speech Won, But…

Charles Murray is the latest target for disinviting a speaker from campus. Murray, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) think tank, is scheduled to talk at Virginia Tech later this month, and some activists are critical that he was invited at all. They call him a “white nationalist” and say that he argues..

“Free speech is threatened on campus”: An Upcoming Debate

Intelligence Squared, the organization that convenes debates on major intellectual and policy issues, is holding one at Yale on March 1st, devoted to the proposition that “Free speech is threatened on campus.” Intelligence Squared (IS) is founded on the same assumption as Heterodox Academy: the notion that better thinking is likely to emerge from a..