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Call for Submissions: HxA Raindrops Initiative

  • Jeremy Willinger
  • May 17, 2018

Please, share your stories.  If you are a member of a university community and have witnessed silencing or shaming behaviors in response to good-faith comments or questions, or other forms of active discrimination by students, faculty or staff on the basis of someone’s apparent viewpoints or commitments, tell your story using this Google form, in as few or as many words as you wish. Invite your colleagues and students to share their experiences. While we will be unable to publish every story we receive, we look forward to sharing as many of them as possible (with the writer’s permission).

Announcing the Winners of the HxA Open Mind Awards

Heterodox Academy is delighted to announce the winners of the first-ever HxA Open Mind Awards. These awards honor the courageous individuals and innovative institutions that are making academic life better by helping others to reap the benefits of viewpoint diversity. The awards will be conferred and the honorees will be celebrated at a conference in New York City on June 14 and 15. Here are the awards and the winners:

All Minus One Now Available in Paperback

We first launched ALL MINUS ONE: John Stuart Mill’s Ideas on Free Speech Illustrated as a free PDF download and Kindle edition. Although, our plan all along was to also publish a special paperback version that allows the vivid illustrations to pop off the page and provide a tangible resource to enjoy the wisdom, philosophy and guidance from chapter 2 of Mill’s On Liberty.

New HxA Member Interview Video

Heterodox Academy has quickly grown from a small group of roughly a dozen professors to more than 1,700 as of early January 2018. Over the summer of 2017, we interviewed select members about their motivations to join the organization and the issues that arise in climates of orthodoxy on campus. The goal was to present,..

Heterodox Academy Appoints New Executive Director

Heterodox Academy selects Dr. Debra Mashek to lead initiatives increasing intellectual diversity, improving research, and calming campus rage NEW YORK, N.Y. – Heterodox Academy (HxA), a collaborative organization dedicated to increasing intellectual diversity in higher education, has chosen Dr. Debra Mashek (@DebMashekHxA) to be its new Executive Director. Dr. Mashek is a social psychologist and..

Video of the Heterodox Academy and FIRE Panel on Viewpoint Diversity

Heterodox Academy (HxA) and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) livestreamed and hosted a panel discussion in front of a packed audience last night at New York University. The discussion focused on the decline in viewpoint diversity in higher education and its impact on the quality of research, scholarship, education, as well as its consequences for American democracy. The full video is now available.