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Sean Stevens

Sean Square
Sean Stevens was a Researcher with Heterodox Academy from 2016 - 2020. He has a PhD in social psychology from Rutgers University.
Author Contributions
CES Manual

Campus Expression Survey Manual

March 1, 2022
How can we control anger

Applying the Theory of Affective Intelligence to Support for Authoritarian Policies and Parties

August 8, 2019
Mi C Perception Gap

The Perception Gap: How False Impressions are Pulling Americans Apart

June 28, 2019
Censoramericaspeech 1

Does Intolerance Dampen Dissent? Macro-Tolerance and Protest in American Metropolitan Areas

May 30, 2019
27 Social change

Liberalism and Conservatism, for a Change! Rethinking the Association Between Political Orientation and Relation to Social Change

May 23, 2019
Huac title

Intolerance and Repression in the United States a Half-Century After McCarthyism

May 3, 2019
29 dehumanization

Partisan Dehumanization in American Politics

April 25, 2019
36 Americas polarized landcape

Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape

November 7, 2018

Willingness to Self-Censor: A Construct and Measurement Tool for Public Opinion Research

October 3, 2018
37 Silencing

Silencing Fellow Citizens: Conceptualization, Measurement, and Validation of a Scale for Measuring the Belief in the Importance of Actively Silencing Others

September 26, 2018

The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas are Setting up a Generation for Failure

September 11, 2018
43 Idealogical prejudice

Education is Related to Greater Ideological Prejudice

May 25, 2018
Skeptics III Figure 5 1

The Skeptics are Wrong Part 3: Political Intolerance Levels on Campus are High, and Here is Why

May 11, 2018
Donald trump racist

Race and the Race for the White House: On Social Research in the Age of Trump

April 19, 2018
Political correctness school u penn buffalo2

That’s Not Funny: Instrument Validation of the Concern for Political Correctness Scale

April 6, 2018
Skeptics II Figure 8 w Milo Asterisks

The Skeptics Are Wrong Part 2: Speech Culture on Campus is Changing

March 11, 2018
Sachs Part I learning env

The Skeptics are Wrong Part 1: Attitudes About Free Speech On Campus are Changing

March 4, 2018
29127 3222017p

Intellectual Humility and Openness to the Opposing View

January 31, 2018
GSS Confidence in Press

Caught in the Nexus: A Comparative and Longitudinal Analysis of Public Trust in the Press

January 26, 2018
Shutterstock 2174502799

The Polarizing Effects of Online Partisan Criticism: Evidence from Two Experiments

January 16, 2018
2014 0208 collaborative photo kjm

The Wisdom of Polarized Crowds

December 21, 2017

The Campus Expression Survey: Summary of New Data

December 20, 2017
Legal marijuana help wanted budtenders to accountants bloomberg news Eh Fc3 R clipart

Hiring in Higher Ed: Do Job Ads Signal a Desire for Viewpoint Diversity?

December 1, 2017
Diversity inclusion banner02

Non-Discrimination Statements at the Institution Level & What to Do About It

November 27, 2017
Shutterstock 2196285039

The Greater Male Variability Hypothesis - An Addendum to our post on the Google Memo

September 4, 2017
Shutterstock 1903212436 1

The Most Authoritative Review Paper on Gender Differences

August 25, 2017
Shutterstock 1587240631

The Google Memo: What Does the Research Say About Gender Differences?

August 10, 2017
Shutterstock 1804040077 1

The Fearless Speech Index: Who is afraid to speak, and why?

July 19, 2017
Shutterstock 1824434024

Ethnic Tolerance Does Not Equal Political Tolerance

July 3, 2017
Shutterstock 1498547222

Dogmatic Intolerance on the Left and Right

May 18, 2017
Pexels element digital 1550336

Liberals, Conservatives, and Intolerance

May 11, 2017
Pexels pixabay 159213

The Legal Academy’s Ideological Uniformity

April 29, 2017
Disinvitation attempts 2000 2016 2

Campus Speaker Disinvitation Trends (Part 2 of 2)

February 7, 2017
Pexels matheus bertelli 3321793

Campus Speaker Disinvitations: Recent trends (Part 1 of 2)

January 24, 2017
Pexels edmond dantès 7103169

Faculty Voter Registration in Economics, History, Journalism, Law, and Psychology

December 14, 2016
Pexels mathias reding 4646833

Free Speech is the Most Effective Antidote to Hate Speech

December 5, 2016
Pexels dominika gregušová 672532

How Spiked Ranks UK Universities for Free Speech

November 16, 2016
GTC Logo

The Heterodox Academy Guide to Colleges: Starting A Methodological Discussion

October 27, 2016
Pexels aaron kittredge 129112

The Liberal and Conservative Experience Across Academic Disciplines: An Extension of Inbar and Lammers

September 28, 2016
Academic freedom in an age of conformity joanna williams

Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity: Confronting the Fear of Knowledge

April 17, 2016
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