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April 26, 2017+Jeremy Willinger

2017 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award for Heterodox Academy

Jonathan Haidt was honored with a 2017 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award for co-founding Heterodox Academy. The awards “celebrate those who have broken the mold to create significant impact” and are rooted in Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen’s theory of Disruptive Innovation.

The award is conferred by the organization that puts on the annual Tribeca Film Festival. The judges saw the activities of Heterodox Academy as innovative and valuable in its efforts to improve the intellectual climate of universities. In his acceptance speech, Haidt noted that political orthodoxy greatly reduces the ability of universities to nurture the disruptive innovators of the future.

On behalf of all of us at Heterodox Academy, we thank the TDIA team for this wonderful recognition.

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