We have been watching recent events unfold with heavy hearts. The United States, for all its virtues, continues to suffer immense challenges, including violence, racism, political hostility, and civil unrest. As an organization that prizes constructive disagreement and encourages individuals to engage in difficult–but necessary–conversations, we (the leadership of HxA) think now is a time to listen, to be aware of the limits of our own understanding, and to be doubly-aware of the profound value of others’ insights.

If you’re involved in discussions with others, whether one-on-one, in your community, or in your classroom, here are a few resources that may be helpful:

  • The HxA Way – A statement of norms and values that facilitate constructive disagreement.
  • Creating Connection – An activity you can do with others before having a difficult conversation. 
  • OpenMind – A free, psychology-based educational platform designed to depolarize communities and foster mutual understanding across differences.