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Heterodox Academy


Chapman U

Our Campus Community consists of faculty and administrators committed to viewpoint/intellectual diversity, academic freedom, and freedom of speech on Chapman University’s campus.

As a HxA campus community, our immediate goal is to expand our membership among both our colleagues as well as undergraduate and graduate students.

We will also sponsor events on campus that promote viewpoint diversity and engage campus constituents in constructive dialogue on issues of importance within higher education.

Campus Co-Chairs

Meet the leaders building the Chapman University Campus Community

Lori cox han chapman heashot

Lori Cox Han

Professor of Political Science
Drew moshier chapman heashot

Drew Moshier

Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics
Lisa sparks chapman heashot

Lisa Sparks

Professor of Communication
Campus cta
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Your generosity supports our non-partisan efforts to advance the principles of open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement to improve higher education and academic research.

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