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Heterodox Academy

Laval University


The Campus Community at Laval University aims to promote constructive disagreement, as well as intellectual and artistic diversity.

How can we assess what we can not discuss?

As history has shown, higher learning institutions have a lasting impact around the world, which is why HxA Laval Campus Community hopes to encourage honest intellectual inquiries. We believe scholars and students across all fields of studies, should be open to addressing any issues due to their position of power over art, culture, education, politics, law, and science. We believe Academic freedom is the only way to properly assess the impact of the intellectual community, and promote ethical behaviors.

Campus Co-Chairs

Meet the leaders building the Laval University Campus Community

Gilbert Valerie

Valérie Gilbert

Founder and co-chair
Lus Herna Rosimar

Lus-Herna Rosimar

Founder and co-chair
Campus cta
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