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Heterodox Academy

Loyola University

Loyola Chi

The Loyola University Chicago HxA Campus Community is a passionate collective of students, staff, and faculty devoted to fostering open inquiry and viewpoint diversity.

The Loyola HxA Community actively works to eliminate biases that hinder the free exchange of ideas, creating a stimulating learning experience for all students. By advocating for diverse representation in leadership and faculty, the community seeks to ensure a broad range of voices and viewpoints across the institution.

With a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion at its core, the group enriches the academic environment by promoting these values in classrooms, hiring practices, and promotions across all university levels to bring as many voices and views to the table as possible.

Collaborating with other organizations and institutions, the Loyola HxA Community contributes to the global conversation around academic freedom, intellectual diversity, and social progress by bringing together people from diverse backgrounds together to dialogue on challenges to academic freedom and social justice.

We are a dedicated force for change, working tirelessly to promote open inquiry and viewpoint diversity within the university and beyond. Through its steadfast commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the community is making a lasting impact on the educational landscape at Loyola.

Campus Co-Chairs

Meet the leaders building the Loyola University, Chicago Campus Community

Michael Burns Loy Chi headshot

Michael Burns

Assistant Professor of Biology
Joseph Vukov Loy Chi headshot

Joseph Vukov

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Campus cta
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