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Heterodox Academy

University of
California, Riverside

UC Riverside

Our HxA Campus Community — CIVIC (Council for Intellectual Values and Inclusive Community) — aims to have an influence on the culture of the campus at UC Riverside.

CIVIC aims to preserve a climate on campus favorable to open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement; to create forums for discussion of issues that cross-cut the traditional intellectual aims of the university and movements for social change; and to provide collegial support for those interested in the topics we intend to pursue.

We are committed to preserving a climate of discourse based on evidence, logic, insightful connections, and reasoned argumentation, which includes sincere efforts to understand divergent viewpoints. We also support the values of non-conformism and independent thinking — values central to the constitution of any university.

We believe dialogue is essential. Issues involving the relation of intellectual values and movements for social change have embroiled campuses throughout the country. Instead of the tensions and mutual avoidance we currently observe, we support discussion in forums where divergent views can gain a respectful hearing.

An inclusive climate is essential for the work of teaching and research. We support advocates for solutions to continuing social injustices in so far as they do not require the university to reorient itself as an agent of social justice. Accordingly, we do not support or condone those who deploy the language of academic freedom to create a hostile climate for any individuals or groups on campus.

Campus Co-Chairs

Meet the leaders building the University of California, Riverside Campus Community

Steven Brint UC River headshot

Steven Brint

Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Public Policy
Amir Zaki UC River headshot

Amir Zaki

Professor, Photography and Digital Technology
Campus cta
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