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Heterodox Academy

University of
South Carolina

U South Carolina

The HxA Campus Community at University of South Carolina fosters conversation and exploration of viewpoints that faculty, students, staff, and alumni all bring to our campus.

The University of South Carolina community consists of scholars, students, staff and alumni with diverse interests, expertise and viewpoints, reflecting, in part, differences in race, ethnicity, culture, political philosophy, faith and non-faith traditions, region, and experience.

By understanding each other better, and learning through dialog, debate, and productive engagement with ideas that challenge us, we hope to improve our teaching, research, and civil discourse while championing academic freedom. Join us for occasional meals, panel discussions, talks, debates and social events.

Campus Co-Chairs

Meet the leaders building the University of South Carolina Campus Community

Michael Dickson Uo SC Headshot

Michael Dickson

Professor, Department of Philosophy
Maryah Fram Uo SC Headshot

Maryah Fram

Associate Professor, College of Social Work

Bryan Gentry

Communications Director, University of South Carolina.
Campus cta
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