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The HxA Campus Community at the University of Utah is a group of committed students, staff, and faculty who value the qualities of curiosity, thoughtfulness, and constructive disagreement.

Our campus community was shaped by a deep concern about the cultural polarization that dominates our local, personal, and professional communities, our nation, and especially our institutions of learning.

Our community is committed to creating opportunities where we can have candid discussions about issues in higher education, and how we can address those issues in our campus interactions, our teaching, and our research. This work supports the U’s mission of generating and sharing new knowledge, as well as preparing students “for lives of impact as leaders and citizens.” Through open and honest conversations, let’s listen, learn, explore, and challenge ideas in research and education.

As the R1 and flagship institution in the state of Utah, our campus community serves a unique role of connecting with other institutions of higher learning in the state, as well as community and civic organizations. Together we can cultivate a campus that values open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement.

In the upcoming year, our campus community will seek to do the following: 1. build a network of faculty, staff, and students who can explore ideas, share experiences, and provide resources and advice to each other; 2. create opportunities for engagement with each other; and 3. establish how we can individually and collectively create a campus climate that values the principles of open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement in research and education. Through community, connections, and trust, we hope to make a positive impact on our campus.

Campus Co-Chairs

Meet the leaders building the University of Utah Campus Community

Hyde Tasha Head Shot

Natasha Seegert

Director of Conflict Mediation, University of Utah
Whipple christopher 1

Christopher Whipple

Employee Relations Specialist, University of Utah
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Maximilian S. Werner

Associate Professor (Lecturer), Writing and Rhetoric Studies
Campus cta
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