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Mill Still Matters Today, on His 212th Birthday

In Millian terms, then, the case for free speech lies as much in our capacity to listen as in our willingness to speak. It also requires us not only to accept but to seek out alternative views, to challenge our own prejudices, and to work hard to try and keep an open mind.

All Minus One Now Available in Paperback

We first launched ALL MINUS ONE: John Stuart Mill’s Ideas on Free Speech Illustrated as a free PDF download and Kindle edition. Although, our plan all along was to also publish a special paperback version that allows the vivid illustrations to pop off the page and provide a tangible resource to enjoy the wisdom, philosophy and guidance from chapter 2 of Mill’s On Liberty.

On Social Power Dynamics in Political Discourse

Amy Wax’s reaction is characteristic of a what appears to be a conservative reluctance to understand why right-leaning views are so unwelcome on college campuses. While I am deeply concerned about the dearth of viewpoint diversity at our universities, I think the failure to understand the “roots of leftist rage” will only exacerbate polarization and make dialogue more difficult.

The Skeptics Are Wrong Part 2: Speech Culture on Campus is Changing

In this essay we show that the skeptics went wrong by basing their case primarily on GSS data about members of the Millennial generation. We explain why the debate hinges not on Millennials but on the generation after them––iGen, or Gen Z, who began replacing Millennials in college in 2013. We draw on a variety of datasets to show that iGen is different, and that there is indeed reason for concern that things are changing on campus. We address three questions: 1) Is the speech climate (i.e., willingness to speak up) worsening on college campuses, overall, in recent years? We show that it is. 2) Is there a “politically correct” range of viewpoints on campus? We show that there is. 3) Which side of the spectrum is more willing to use illiberal tactics? We show that left and right used to be similar, before 2015, in their desire to “disinvite” speakers, but since 2015 the right has used that tactic much less often while the left has used it much more often, and has also conducted all of the shout-downs that have occurred since 2015.  In conclusion, the skeptics are wrong.