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angie maxwell

Angie Maxwell on the New Southern Strategy: Half Hour of Heterodoxy #58

My guest today is Angie Maxwell (@AngieMaxwell1). She received her PhD. In American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, and is currently associate professor of Southern Studies at the University of Arkansas. She also chairs the Diane D. Blair Center of Southern Politics, which administers national polls of political attitudes that oversample residents..

Maria Dixon Hall

Maria Dixon Hall on Cultural Intelligence: Half Hour of Heterodoxy #55

Maria Dixon Hall manages the Campus Cultural Intelligence program at Southern Methodist University. She has a background in multiple disciplines, having earned a masters of divinity, a masters of theology, and a PhD in Organizational Communication and Religion. Her work in cultural intelligence differs from the typical diversity training that’s done on college campuses, and..

Christopher Federico

Christopher Federico on the Psychology of Political Behavior: Half Hour of Heterodoxy #53

Listen to an interview with Christopher Federico, a political psychologist with joint appointments in psychology and political science at the University of Minnesota. We talk about a new paper in which he and Ari Malka argue that people do not simply become liberal or conservative based on the strength of their psychological needs for security and certainty.