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HxA Publishes New Book: All Minus One

Heterodox Academy (HxA), a collaborative association comprised of more than 1,800 professors and graduate student affiliates, has released All Minus One, an illustrated version of Chapter 2 of On Liberty, the seminal 19th-century work by philosopher John Stuart Mill, which stressed the value of personal choice, liberty, free speech, and viewpoint diversity.

Heterodox Academy Appoints New Executive Director

Heterodox Academy selects Dr. Debra Mashek to lead initiatives increasing intellectual diversity, improving research, and calming campus rage NEW YORK, N.Y. – Heterodox Academy (HxA), a collaborative organization dedicated to increasing intellectual diversity in higher education, has chosen Dr. Debra Mashek (@DebMashekHxA) to be its new Executive Director. Dr. Mashek is a social psychologist and..

Last Week Was Not A Typical Week at Heterodox Academy

Heterodox Academy membership has been steadily growing, as more academics become aware of the many benefits viewpoint diversity provides students, professors, and administrators. In a typical week, however, we add somewhere between 10 and 15 new members, but last week we inducted 53. Though we can’t be certain, this interest was likely motivated by media appearances..

Jon Haidt with Frank Bruni on Charlie Rose: Middlebury, Viewpoint Diversity, and the Academy

Jonathan Haidt appeared with author and New York Times columnist Frank Bruni on The Charlie Rose Show to discuss recent events surrounding Charles Murray’s speaking event at Middlebury College last week.

In a far-reaching discussion moderated by Dan Senor filling in for Charlie Rose, Haidt and Bruni analyzed the many causes of the rising illiberalism college campuses, which makes many students and professors reluctant to voice dissenting opinions.

The Association of American Law Schools Needs More Political Diversity

In the week that a new organization, Heterodox Academy, was established to press for more ideological diversity in academic life, the learned association in my own profession showed how much it is needed. The Association of American Law Schools (AALS) sent around a notice of its prospective annual meeting, highlighting its most prominent speakers. Of the thirteen announced, none is associated predominantly with Republican party, but eleven are associated with the Democratic Party. Many are prominent liberals. None is a conservative or libertarian.

Five are judges, including Stephen Breyer, all appointed by Democrats. Another is the incoming Senate leader of the Democrats. Three others contributed predominantly to Democrats. One for whom no contributions could be found held a fund raiser for President Obama. Another worked for the Democratic side of the House Judiciary Committee during the impeachment of President Clinton.