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Weekly Bulletin- March 20, 2018

The first in a recurring series from Heterodox Academy, our Weekly Bulletin published every Tuesday replaces our Weekly Roundup previously published on Fridays. Submit news links and other info to Jeremy Willinger at willinger@heterodoxacademy.org. 1)  Updates from Heterodox Academy  The Skeptics are Wrong: Attitudes About Free Speech on Campus are Changing, by Sean Stevens and..

Oxford’s Junk Science on Fake News

HxA research associate Nick Phillips has published a new piece in The American Conservative on a recent Oxford study built on faulty science making waves and further dividing communities. The study by Oxford University scientists, “Polarization, Partisanship and Junk News Consumption over Social Media in the US” purports to show that on social media, conservatives..

Princeton, The N Word and Students: An opportunity for learning

  • Ian Storey
  • February 16, 2018

By: Ian Storey of The Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities at Bard College Princeton University professor Lawrence Rosen, the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Anthropology, found himself as the latest professor in the national spotlight when The Princetonian reported that several students walked out of his class after Rosen repeatedly used the n-word as..

Research Summary: The Wisdom of Polarized Crowds

Sean Stevens is HxA’s Research Director The founding of Heterodox Academy had roots in a collaboration between five social psychologists and one sociologist that produced a featured paper, and 33 responses to it, in Behavioral and Brain Sciences.  A number of specific recommendations to improve social psychology were made, but the main thesis was that..

Stigmatizing Legitimate Dissent Threatens Freedom of Speech

By: Dr. Lee Jussim, founding member of Heterodox Academy and Akeela Careem, PhD Candidate in Social Psychology at Rutgers University In this essay, we discuss Spiked’s Unsafe Spaces event, held at our home institution, Rutgers.  It was, at times, a wild and woolly event, complete with a substantial security presence, Black Lives Matter activists, some..

Adam Grant on the Value of Disagreement

New Heterodox Academy member Adam Grant, professor of management and psychology at UPenn’s Wharton School, wrote in Saturday’s New York Times op-ed page:

The skill to get hot without getting mad — to have a good argument that doesn’t become personal — is critical in life.

We couldn’t agree more.