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Weekly Roundup of Heterodoxy—February 16, 2018 Edition

Psychology Professors Argue Against GroupThink (book review of The Politics of Social Psychology) by George Leef, The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal Academic Freedom and the New Populism, a lecture by Michael Ignatieff at LSE We All Live on Campus Now by Andrew Sullivan, New York How to Talk to Students With Ill-Considered..

Weekly Roundup of Heterodoxy—February 9, 2018 Edition

At Heterodox Academy It has been a momentous week at Heterodox Academy. We announced that Deb Mashek will be our new Executive Director. In a blog post, she explains her decision to leave an academic job to join HxA. See her interview in The Atlantic: A New Leader in the Push for Diversity of Thought on Campus by..

Weekly Roundup of Heterodoxy—February 2, 2018 Edition

At Heterodox Academy  Conservatives are passing laws requiring public universities to protect free speech. It’s probably a bad idea by Nick Phillips, HxA Research Associate Research Summary: Intellectual Humility and Openness to the Opposing View by Sean Stevens, HxA Research Director A Tale of Two Columbia Classes by Coleman Hughes, undergraduate at Columbia University Elsewhere..

Weekly Roundup of Heterodoxy—January 26, 2018 Edition

At Heterodox Academy Jennifer Earl on Internet Activism and Fake News: Half Hour of Heterodoxy #18, hosted by Chris Martin Research Summary: Caught in the Nexus: A Comparative and Longitudinal Analysis of Public Trust in the Press by Sean Stevens, HxA Research Director Elsewhere on the Web The End of Academe: Free Speech and the..

Weekly Roundup of Heterodoxy—January 19, 2018 Edition

At Heterodox Academy Teaching Heterodoxy: ESL and Viewpoint Diversity by *Dr. Cory Holland Research Summary: The Polarizing Effects of Online Partisan Criticism: Evidence from Two Experiments by Sean Stevens, HxA Research Director Elsewhere on the Web Higher Education is Drowning in BS by Christian Smith*, Chronicle of Higher Education Values, Virtues and Challenges of a..

Weekly Roundup of Heterodoxy—January 12, 2018 Edition

At Heterodox Academy

Teaching Heterodoxy: Syllabus Language to Support Viewpoint Diversity by HxA member Debra Mashek. Submit your strategy for teaching viewpoint diversity in your classroom.

Elsewhere on the Web

How the Right Weaponized Free Speech by Joan W. Scott, Chronicle of Higher Education

Evergreen copes with fallout, months after 'Day of Absence' sparked national debate, PBS Newshour

Saddle Up: 7 Trends Coming in 2018 by Julie A. Peterson and Lisa M. Rudgers, Inside Higher Ed

The 'Right' to Disrupt Free Speech on Campus--It Doesn't Exist by George Leef, Forbes

Inmates are Classmates in this Program by Michael Anft, The Chronicle of Higher Education

More Speech or Enforced Silence? Stephen Rohde Reviews Two Recent Books on the Subject of Free Speech on Campus, LA Review of Books

Campus free speech fears 'whipped up,' says university boss by Judith Burns, BBC News

Teaching reverence for the truth an essential part of any college education by Michael A. McRobbie, president of Indiana University, HuffPost

Insightful articles on free speech & social justice by Julia Galef

Weekly Roundup of Heterodoxy—January 5, 2018 Edition

Drexel Professor Whose Charged Tweets Drew Fire From the Right Will Leave the University, by Andy Thomason, Chronicle of Higher Education Romanticizing the Hunter-Gatherer, by William Buckner, Quillette Britain May Fine Universities That Limit Free Speech, by Scott Jaschik, InsideHigherEd Is Higher Education Really Losing the Public? by Doug Lederman, InsideHigherEd The Future of Trumpism..

Weekly Roundup of Heterodoxy—December 22, 2017 Edition

At Heterodox Academy 2017 End of Year Letter from Jonathan Haidt Research summary: The Wisdom of Polarized Crowds by Sean Stevens, HxA Research Director The Campus Expression Survey: Summary of New Data by Sean Stevens, HxA Research Director Essential Reading: Richard Shweder on the End of the Modern Academy by Jonathan Haidt Elsewhere on the..