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The 2019 HxA Conference is Over. Now What?

Conferences serve many purposes: participants share perspectives, build relationships, and inspire possibilities. We’d like to think the 2019 HxA Annual Conference hit all of those notes — however, in the absence of subsequent action it would all amount to little.   To close last week’s conference, Jonathan Haidt and Deb Mashek urged attendees to work..


What Are the Limits of Viewpoint Diversity?

There is a specter haunting viewpoint diversity: the question of its limits. Viewpoint diversity can feel like an unqualified good. Almost everyone understands, on at least some level, that we need multiple perspectives to solve difficult problems. If everyone thinks the same way, biases go unchallenged and creativity stalls. It’s easy to draw an inference..

campus debates

Whither Campus Debates?

Every indicator shows enormous dissatisfaction among Americans with the current state of our discourses about public policy.  Levels of distrust for institutional leaders, and even for our basic institution themselves, threaten the enlightened public participation on which democracy depends.  In higher education, where civil rational discussion should be most practiced and prized, many campuses recently..