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academic freedom in the uk

Academic Freedom in the UK

Recently, Tom Simpson of Oxford University and myself co-authored a report, Academic Freedom in the UK for the British Think Tank Policy Exchange. The report garnered considerable attention in the British media, largely positive (see here, here, here, here for instance), with a couple critical — if revealing — comments as well (e.g. here, here)...

self-selection conversion

Political Disparities in the Academy: It’s More than Self-Selection

American university professors are overwhelmingly politically liberal.  Nowhere is this better demonstrated than by Mitchell Langbert’s (2018) recent study of faculty political party preferences at elite liberal arts colleges.  In short, Langbert found that Republicans are virtually absent in many academic disciplines and are entirely absent in some universities. The dearth of non-liberal faculty is..

theory of affective intelligence authoritarian

Applying the Theory of Affective Intelligence to Support for Authoritarian Policies and Parties

The idea that fear drives right-wing political attitudes and support for right-wing politicians has largely become accepted as a truism among many scholars (e.g., Altemeyer 1996; Jost et al. 2003;  2017; Robin 2004; Wilson 1973) and pundits (e.g., here, here, here). New research, published in Advances in Political Psychology, suggests that this model of conservatism..

diversity universities 5

What do universities mean when they talk about ‘diversity?’ A computational language model quantifies

Several political creeds over the past few decades have come to support the idea that diversity is valuable and desirable and that diverse societies may improve communication between people of different backgrounds and lifestyles, leading to greater understanding and peaceful coexistence. The usage of the term “diversity” has gained prominence as a result, at least..

persistence change

Liberalism and Conservatism, for a Change! Rethinking the Association Between Political Orientation and Relation to Social Change

The idea that in all societies there are some people who seek to preserve stability, conserve the status quo, and prefer incremental change, and others who are more accepting of social change innovation and reform has a long history of acceptance in scholarship (e.g. Jost et al. 2003; Mill 1859/2011; Robin 2004). Attitudes towards societal..

political dehumanization in American politics

Partisan Dehumanization in American Politics

Over the past decade, concern over how extremist political communities can employ social media to promote their views and incite violence has increased.  The Dangerous Speech Project defines dangerous speech as “any form of expression (e.g., speech, text, or images) that can increase the risk that its audience will condone or commit violence against members..