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New Report on the Political Views of British Academics

It is now well known that the American professoriate has been shifting leftward in its politics since the 1990s. In a new report for the Adam Smith Institute, I document that the British professoriate has been undergoing the same leftward shift, beginning in the 1980s.

Threat to Free Speech Spreads to Australian Campuses

While the mission of Heterodox Academy is focused on the threats to viewpoint diversity and free expression on American campuses, in November we explored the emergence of parallel trends in the United Kingdom. This phenomenon has also reached Australia, where a May 2016 report by the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) highlights the extent to which free speech has come under threat at ninety-eight percent of Australian universities.

Below is a summary of IPA’s methodology, key findings, and examples of university actions that affect their free speech ratings.

How Spiked Ranks UK Universities for Free Speech

Heterodox Academy has primarily focused on the academy’s problem with viewpoint diversity within the United States. Yet, viewpoint diversity is increasingly an issue in other Western countries- most prominently in the United Kingdom.  For the past two years, Spiked has ranked British universities with a traffic-light system for free speech, similar to the systems employed..