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The Heterodox Academy Guide to Colleges Helps Colleges Improve

While prospective students can use the Guide to Colleges to see where they may be most likely to encounter a variety viewpoints, college administrators are beginning to see the Guide as a barometer for the climate of intellectual diversity on their campus. In recent months, Heterodox Academy has spoken with several leaders at a range of schools to understand their strategies and highlight our Guide. In some instances, we have reconsidered rankings after learning about additional efforts made to facilitate and secure programs and platforms promoting viewpoint diversity.

HxA’s Guide to Colleges in The Wall Street Journal

We are beginning to see a few universities taking concrete steps to show that they value viewpoint diversity and the free and open exchange of ideas. An article over the weekend in The Wall Street Journal describes some of these steps and discusses them in the context of HxA’s newly revised Guide to Colleges.

Heterodox Academy Releases Updated Guide to Colleges

Heterodox Academy (HxA) has just released a major update to its Guide to Colleges–the only resource available for college-bound high school students who seek exposure to a diversity of viewpoints and a culture of free and open discussion. Until now, students who prefer heterodoxy have had no way to find such schools.