HxA Distinguished Academy Initiative

The HxA Distinguished Academy initiative is a badge of recognition for colleges and universities whose policies and practices create a positive climate for expression and constructive engagement across lines of difference. In an effort to celebrate the institutions who are making great strides in the effort for open inquiry in teaching, research, administration, and student bodies on campuses, the Distinguished Academy badge will elevate the profiles of colleges doing well in promoting viewpoint diversity. The initiative will help attract positive attention these institutions deserve from prospective students, the media, alumni, and donors, and to model for other institutions best practices in this space.

Once launched in Spring 2020, HxA will accept applications for the Distinguished Academy honor based on a publicly accessible set of criteria, and applicant institutions will submit evidence and information that demonstrates their efforts in the open inquiry space. Distinguished Academies will be highlighted in our press releases, celebrated in our social media feeds, and featured on our website.

HxA developed the Distinguished Academy initiative and evaluation criteria with the support of invaluable feedback from our colleagues in higher ed, including presidents, deans, institutional researchers, and external assessment professionals. The initiative has been supported by grants from the Teagle Foundation and the John Templeton Foundation.