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Community Conversations: “Splitting” and its Implications

Virtual October 13, 2020

This two-part series, led by HxA member Andrew Hartz, will discuss the psychological concept of “splitting” and its implications. “Splitting” refers to the process of unconsciously framing individuals, groups, or ideas in all-or-nothing terms. Originally understood as a psychoanalytic defensive process, splitting is now a central part of numerous evidence-based psychotherapies.

Part one of this series will take place on Tuesday, October 13 at 12pm ET, and discuss splitting and its role in political disagreements. When people stop splitting, they can understand issues more accurately, develop more effective solutions, have better relationships with people they disagree with, and increase their emotional stability and mental health. Applications of this concept and clinical interventions will be discussed in detail.

Part two will take place on Tuesday, October 20 at 12pm ET, and will discuss splitting based on race and gender. It will explore how this type of splitting shapes discourses on free speech, equity/disparities, gender/sexuality, academic research/theory, workplace discrimination, identity, morality, and other issues, as well as some suggested ways to address this problem.

Since understanding the concepts from the first part are essential to the content in the second part, we ask that you please register only if you can attend both parts of the series.

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