On Thursday, October 15 at 8pm EDT, the Heterodox Academy HxK-12Education Community hosted “Critical Race Theory and Anti-Racism in K-12 Schools: Problems and Solutions, Part 2”, a virtual roundtable discussion. This event, featuring Ilana Redstone, associate professor of sociology at the University of Illinois and creator of “Beyond Bigots and Snowflakes” and Michael Strambler, associate professor of psychiatry at Yale University and board member of Achievement First Bridgeport Academy and Woodbridge Public Schools, provided guidance on how to have productive conversations with administrators, teachers, parents, and students about concerns with the application of critical race theory and anti-racism in schools. This was the second roundtable discussion in a two-part series—Part 1 highlighted the roots of critical race theory and anti-racism. If you missed Part 1, no worries! The topics of Part 1 and Part 2 overlap, but they are distinct conversations—Part 1 is not a prerequisite to Part 2.

Attendees were able to pose questions for the speakers during the event.

Space was limited, and registration closed 45 minutes prior to the start of the event.