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HxCanada | Symposia Session - Loki Is My God: A Taboo Arbitrage of Vikings and Scholars

Hx Communities Resized Canada
February 23, 2024Presented by: Dustin Geeraert, University of Manitoba

Public interest in the history and culture of medieval Scandinavia is growing; yet as a result of the ideological reprogramming of modern academia, scholars in the humanities are increasingly ill-equipped to understand pre-modern cultures such as that of the famous Vikings. Contrasting the absurd taboo structure that intellectually imprisons many of the most educated people in our society, with the taboo-violating trickster god of Viking society, Loki, can help reveal the purpose and cultural function of taboo structures in the first place.

9-10 am PST on Zoom

Current HxCanada participants are invited to attend this next session in the ongoing HxCanada Symposium Series. Visit the HxCanada discussion group for the Zoom link.

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