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Heterodox Academy

Undergraduate Affiliate Conversation: Student Success through Heterodox Approaches

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April 8, 2021

Undergraduate students at academic institutions across the world represent our future in a profound way. Cultivating this next generation of leaders is a foundational goal of the Academy. This talk focused on steps that undergraduate students, from any major at any institution, can take to set themselves up not only for their own success, but also to help them make positive contributions to our world, which, in case you haven’t been paying attention, is sorely in need of positive change.

A heterodox approach to one’s education is key to developing skills and learning content that will allow students to navigate a world that is full of complexity and ideological diversity. Students learned how to integrate a heterodox worldview into their studies to help best prepare them as leaders for our shared future.  This event took place on Thursday, April 8 at 5pm ET.

About the speaker:

Glenn Geher is Professor of Psychology as well as Founding Director of Evolutionary Studies at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Glenn has taught several courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels – including Statistics, Social Psychology, and Evolutionary Psychology – and has won the New Paltz Alumni Association’s Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award, along with Chancellor’s Awards for both Teaching and Research Excellence from the State University of New York. Glenn also won an award for Outstanding Academic Advising from NACADA, the global organization for outstanding advising. First and foremost, Glenn is a teacher, and his primary goal is to educate and support his students and work to facilitate their success as they develop across their careers. In addition to hundreds of posts on his Psychology Today blog, Darwin’s Subterranean World, along with dozens of students, Glenn has published over 100 scholarly articles, book chapters, and books. 
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