How Can Universities Reform Themselves to Protect Open Inquiry on Campus?

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Gather with other HxA members at national, local, and virtual events to discuss heterodox perspectives on the most pressing issues facing the academy, and join in our collective efforts to advance our core principles.

HxA Summits
HxA Summits

Launching Fall 2023: HxA Summits are multi-event deep dives on a topic of great interest to our mission and our members. At each summit, attendees can discuss challenges and solutions to open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement in higher education.

HxA Events
HxA Events

Heterodox Academy hosts a variety of live and virtual events throughout the year, ranging from panel discussions to research presentations and more. See what’s happening next and register.

HxA Conference
HxA Conference

HxA members, friends, and supporters come together at our national conference to discuss current challenges facing higher education and academic research. Concerned people from across the academy meet to deepen their shared pursuit of knowledge, find solutions, and get inspired.

Ideological pluralism makes everyone smarter, and it is precisely what the folks around Heterodox Academy have in mind. They are doing the Lord’s work.

Glenn C. LouryMerton P. Stoltz Professor of the Social Sciences and Professor of EconomicsBrown University
Glenn C Loury

At this historical moment marked by a rise in various forms of anti-intellectualism, one welcomes and values a countervailing force such as Heterodox Academy, which provides a robust forum for expressions of anti-anti-intellectualism.

Richard A. ShwederHarold Higgins Swift Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Comparative Human DevelopmentUniversity of Chicago
Richard A. Shweder
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