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We are excited to announce the theme that will guide our programs, blog, and more throughout March and April: Socioeconomics and Viewpoint Diversity. By engaging with the unique challenges and diverse perspectives among those from different socioeconomic backgrounds, universities can further expand ideological diversity, improve scholarship and research, and decrease misconceptions about class-centered issues.

We’ll explore this theme through some exciting upcoming programs. In a few weeks we’ll host Designing High School for Upward Mobility in conversation with Ian Rowe of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), to be followed by more panels with exciting scholars and Member Spotlights. Our student affiliate programming continues with Is “Wokeness” A Religion?, which explores intersections of religion, anti-intellectualism, and virtue-signaling. Stay tuned to our social media channels for more!

Submit to heterodox: the blog

If you’re interested in writing about Socioeconomics and Viewpoint Diversity for heterodox: the blog, we’re now accepting submissions. Please see our submissions guidelines page and read more about our current theme. Contributors receive a modest honorarium for accepted pieces.

Closing Out The University after 2021 Theme

We spent January and February 2022 exploring current challenges to higher education and what the future might hold. We hope the theme inspired new ideas and reinforced core principles as we all continue to seek after truth and knowledge, and we invite you to revisit our outputs and resources from this theme, including: