image of "2023" with text that says "what to expect from HxA"

Dear HxA members and supporters,

I hope your New Year is off to a great start. We’ve been busy at HxA, hiring and planning for a transformative 2023. Here’s a preview of what’s ahead:

Growing Team

Before the break, HxA welcomed back Musa al-Gharbi as the Daniel Bell Research Fellow at Heterodox Academy, where he will be contributing to a wide range of research and writing projects. We’re also pleased to welcome Nicole Barbaro, PhD, as HxA’s new Director of Communications and Marketing. 

Coming to Campus

HxA’s Campus Community Network launches with its first cohort of Campus Communities this month – stay tuned for the announcement of the inaugural cohort on January 9th! Our priority is to help position as many campuses as possible for long-term success. Could your campus be next? 

Writing and Research Opportunities

2022 was a banner year for research projects conducted by HxA members. Building on last year’s success, HxA is creating some new opportunities for funding and collaboration. Details coming later this month. 

Podcast Returns

HxA’s podcast will return from hiatus this spring with a new set of voices (my voice will also be part of our new chorus). Be sure to check it out!

New Website

You’ve told us, and we’ve heard you: HxA’s website is showing its age, and doesn’t effectively tell our story or showcase our members’ work. We are delighted to announce that HxA will be launching a full new website this spring. Along with improved functionality and ease of use, it will enable our members to connect with each other in new ways. Speaking of which….

Membership Drive

Members are the heart and soul of HxA. This spring, we will be using the new website to launch a major membership drive. More members means visibility for our ideals, and more impact on your campuses. We’ll be asking your help as HxA sets out to bring thousands more members into our ranks. You can get started now by becoming a member if you’re not already, or by referring a colleague to join us.

Convening (but No Conference)

In light of all this activity, we’ve decided to plan for a national conference… next year. While the Denver conference was a highlight of 2022, we’re going to be experimenting with local HxA events during 2023, while planning for a full conference again in Summer 2024.


On behalf of our whole team, I thank you for supporting Heterodox Academy. You supporters embody the HxA Way every day, in your teaching and in your scholarship. We are proud and honored to work with you.

John Tomasi
HxA President