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When should university leaders "weigh in" on controversy? A principled approach.

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Heterodox Academy

Diversity, Equity, and
Inclusion (DEI)

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The rapid rise of DEI raises deep questions about the telos of higher education, changing cultural norms and power structures, race and gender on campus, and how viewpoint diversity fits into the puzzle.

As colleges, universities, academic journals, and entire disciplines have officially embraced DEI goals and frameworks, heterodox questions abound. Are diversity programs actually effective? Who is excluded by inclusion efforts? Can DEI frameworks co-exist with open inquiry? Are there better alternatives?

DEI is also the name of new and fast-growing departments and many colleges and universities, with strong influence over student experiences, faculty careers, and official responses to disagreement and controversy. HxA members, including those who work in DEI departments, explore the best ways and understand and engage with this phenomenon.

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